Anna Sui Glitter Lipsticks

Anna Sui Cosmetics used to be on Sale in the UK in Boots but sadly no more, although the make up can be bought from Strawberrynet and also Ebay.

The packaging is so unique and cute; black enamel and the motif of roses.

For some reason I felt tempted by these two lipsticks, even though the are made with thick glitter:

I remember these from when I was 17! Because I am doing the lipstick project (chopping up my 36 favourite colours and melting them into a Japonesque palette) I decided these two glitters would be a nice addition for a bit of glamour in the palette.

I am really loving the look of 001 – which is a silvery multi coloured glitter, and the second is with gold glitters.

Can’t wait to report on it, when it arrives!

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  1. michelle says

    i had the light pink one! sadly its all gone now :((( but i loved it so much. my fave lipstick of all time!