Afterglow Mineral Make Up

I liked the look of Afterglow cosmetics pretty purple website so had a dabble in some of the mineral make up products:


Foundation in Caramel, Blusher in Peachy, Eyeshadow in Diva, Lipstick in Wink and baby Kabuki brush.

I am still quite open minded about mineral make up. I love the idea that I can use a cosmetic quickly in the morning and just run out the door with, Even now I find loose powder products quite messy – so could this brand impress me?


About the foundation:

* recommended by plastic surgeons and dermatologists
* virtually no allergy risk because it is bismuth oxychloride free, talc-free, chemical-free and dye-free (FD&C and Lake)
* anti-inflammatory ingredients help to calm even the most sensitive skin
* allows skin breathes easily
* improves your skin over time
* ideal for anyone suffering from acne, rosacea, women who have undergone recent plastic surgery or microdermabrasion
* hides skin conditions such as rosacea, spider veins hyper pigmentation, psoriasis and dark eye circles
* superior oil control while simultaneously locking in your skin’s natural moisture
* has staying power- virtually waterproof
* won’t crease, settle in wrinkles or smear
* gives the skin a natural glow and stays beautiful all day


Apparently the lipstick is allergy free!

* recommended by plastic surgeons and dermatologists
* virtually no allergy risk because it is carmine free, bismuth oxychloride free, talc-free, paraben-free and dye-free (FD&C and Lake)
* natural organic essential oils naturally moisturise and heals dry lips.

I am going to give this to my aunt to test out because she can use very very few lip products without swelling up and looking like Mick Jagger.

Anyway, back with the product!

I really like the styling with Afterglow products – its in sleek black packaging and the website looks professional (ok, its the purple butterfly design I like!).

I liked the foundation a lot – the small Kabuki Brush also seemed to work well and fit into the lid perfectly. On its own it provided quite a light, glowy finish –


Base on – ignore my dark circles:


Peachy Blush – not that peachy, more of a hot, orangy-brown shade, but nice nontheless:


So far I am really liking the Afterglow range. I used it over my Nars Firming Foundation, which gets a bit blotchy in the day (I am still determined to finish it!) and it sets it much better and controls oil.

The blusher is nice and SUPER pigmented so needs to be applied with a light hand – it will last forever.

I still have to test the eyeshadow out – I also like the lipstick – its more of an old school lipstick, quite pigmented, a bit waxy, not a sheer glossy texture at all but I think it will work for more of an elegant evening look.

All in all – a success!

You can have a look at the products here.

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