Aerin Midnight Colour 2013 Winter Collection Review and Swatches

Have you heard of Aerin cosmetics yet? Aerin Lauder, granddaughter of Estee Lauder launched a fragrance and beauty collection a while ago now, although she is well known for her interiors in the USA.  Speaking to some ladies, not everyone has heard of the brand although to be fair Aerin hasn’t been widely available (there are now counters in selected John Lewis’ in case my ladies in outside of London want to take a look in person!).  

For me Aerin products definitely have the look of the Estee Lauder brand (the gold, the edges) but somewhat different; it feels like a sister, i guess. The Winter Colour Collection is elegant but still gives the option for glam (the Winter Colour palette has a smoky cream brown shadow and a deep rich green eyeshadow) and there’s a knockout red lipstick and matching gloss on offer.  

Aerin Midnight Colour 2013 Winter Collection Picks

I have 3 products from the collection here to show you; the Multi Colour Duo for Lip and Cheek in Warm Gold (highlighter) and Rich Nude (Blush, Lip colour), and the Cool Gel Eyeliner in Gilt and Lip Gloss in Golden Kiss. Everything is very…golden!

This is my favourite product of this collection – if you have seen the normal Aerin collection there’s a lovely multi use product for cheek and lips I’ve had my eye on for a while. This Aerin Multi Colour Duo in Warm Gold and Rich Nude has both a cheek and lip colour in a nude brown tone and a highlighter in a soft gold.  It’s compact enough to carry around too. 

Aerin Midnight Colour 2013 Winter Collection Picks 1

The texture of these is medium hard (in a good way – I don’t think overly soft creams are a great idea in a palette) and it has a glidey texture which makes it good for the lips – none drying and with a soft shine. On the cheek, the highlighter works a treat. The blusher may feel a little shiny at first on the cheek, as it settles down (and you may set your make up with a powder) it works as a subtle warm orangey caramel blush on me – enough colour for it to show up, not dark enough for it to be a contour.  

Lip Gloss in Golden Kiss:

Aerin Lip Gloss Golden Kiss

Golden Kiss is a soft gold with lots of sparkle.  I used to love this kind of shade but recently I’ve been wearing more colour or warm hues rather than doing the nude thing (although I will always love nudes on the lips – it’s my spiritual home!).  

This gloss works best on top of something else – it brings the colour/stain to life, giving it multi dimensional sparkle. On it’s own, it’s pretty too but for me I think it needs that something else underneath.  

On the lips:

Aerin Aerin Midnight Colour 2013 Winter Collection Picks Lip Gloss in Golden Kiss

This is the Cool Gel Liner in Gilt:

Aerin Cool Gel Liner

At first I was like, that’s yellowy!  But swatched, it’s quite a unusual cool toned gold.  It has a great texture as you can imagine, soft and pigmented and seems to work fine on my waterline. Once set it is very long lasting and I found that applied underneath a shadow it really helps it adhere well. 

On my eye:Aerin Midnight Colour 2013 Winter Collection Picks 2

Can’t wear this alone but it works nicely as a highlight and as I mentioned before, it makes a mean base! 

Swatches:Aerin Multi Colour Duo in Warm Gold and Rich Nude Aerin Midnight Colour 2013 Winter Collection Picks
The liner, lip gloss on top of a plum colour, the cheek duo on me…it’s a natural but quite radiant look.  If you want a stronger look, check out the Winter Colour palette and the lipstick in Red Velvet, which is one of the most perfect neutral reds (not too orange, not too blue). 

Aerin Midnight Colour 2013 Winter Collection Picks 3

Verdict: Makes me feel Christmassy. Duo palette now in my handbag make up bag which is my most exclusive cosmetic bag…the one I carry around with me!

See Aerin beauty at the Estee Lauder website

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