Aerin Lauder Beauty Collection; Rose Lip Conditioner, Fresh Face Foundation & Weekend Palette!

Aerin Lauder, Granddaughter of Estee Lauder launched her beauty range launched back in September, after working for the company for 20 years.  The capsule collection has a number of multi tasking products with the emphasis on creating a polished look with as little effort as possible, cos we’re all busy, right?!

As a new mama, this is definitely my kind of beauty…

I have 3 items here to review, the Rose Lip Conditioner, the Fresh Face Foundation and Weekend Palette.

Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner Foundation Make Up

The palette and lip colours are split into weekday and weekend, for the…well, weekday and weekend.  Weekend is more laid back and natural, the weekday has more perky colours!

First up, the Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner…swoooooon…..

I am completely obsessed with lip balm, lip conditioner…my favourite ever is Sisley’s.  Now this Rose Lip Conditioner is pretty amazing although it looks quite unassuming in it’s little tube.

Now – rose scentin a lip balm is nothing new and often, I find the Rose scent too artificial but this one is just right.  

 Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner 1

The texture of this is AMAZING. It’s perfect, just how I like lip balm – on the thicker side so it stays on, not oily but rich with a little bit of shine, not too much.  It really last on the lips, I found myself smacking my lips a few hours later and it was still there. The colour is sheer pink, there really isn’t any pigment there so it just looks like a clear shine to me. 

Aerin Lauder Rose Lip Conditioner

The downside is the tube feels quite small (10ml) and probably means I’ll lose it like I lose all my lip balms the way that babies lose socks.  I do love this lip conditioner very much it’s up there with my Sisley! 

The lip conditioner is £20.

Fresh Skin Compact Foundation 

I am a big fan of cream compact foundations, at the moment my current go to is Chanel although it can go a bit greasy after wearing for a while.  

Aerin Lauder Fresh Skin Foundation

The Aerin Fresh Skin compact is quite interesting because the texture is unusual- it reminds me of the Guerlain compact the most in that it doesn’t seem to offer much coverage and is a bit oily to touch. 

They say:

You are constantly doing two things at once. This buildable two-in-one foundation formula doubles as a concealer, providing seamless coverage exactly where you need it. Doing two things at once was never so easy. 

It does do an excellent job of evening out the skin tone more than anything, and you can then use a finger and touch up areas that need more concealing – it’s quite decent at that too.  The oiliness which I felt when first applying sets a little to a semi-matte finish. 

It comes with a applicator (brush) which I really like – I much prefer the application this way than with a sponge, since the finish is more natural and the application is quicker.  It’s almost like a buffing brush, and means you don’t use too much product like you can with a sponge.

Fresh Skin Compact Aerin Lauder Foundation 1

There are 6 colours (different ‘levels’) – I have level 3 which is an ok match, I suspect level 4 or 5 is better for my NC35 skin tone though.  There seems to be quite a jump between level 5 and 6 (5 looks tan to me and 6 looks brown, so I wonder which you would go for if you had light brown skin?).  The foundation is quite a sheer-medium coverage though, and blend able so perhaps the colours can be worked to fit most skin tones.

This costs £37 with the brush included.

Aerin Lauder Weekend Palette

The weekend palette has a cream bronzer on one side, a blush and two eyeshadow colours.  It’s one of those grab and go palettes.

The Aerin packaging is very Estee Lauder inspired in yellow gold – it is nicely finished but also lightweight and I am guessing this is so it’s less of a pain to carry around rather than for cost cutting reasons.  I love heavy weight packaging although it is a pain to carry around sometimes.  This packaging also doesn’t leave fingerprint marks on it because there’s a fine grain/matte finish.

Aerin Lauder Weekend Palette 1

The palette is nice enough although for me, there’s not enough pigment in especially in the eye colours. I would prefer more of a contrast between the shades too (as there is with the Weekday palette). It’s the kind of palette I imagine my aunts would love as they wear very little make up in the day and in that sense, it’s also so sheer that it’s mistake proof but I would personally want more pigmentation. However, the cream bronzer is nice and there’s a generous sized mirror in the lid. 

Swatches – bronzer, blush then eyeshadow:

Aerin Lauder Weekend palette

All in all, the Aerin beauty range looks lovely, it feels lovely and I would definitely want to see more new colour releases from the range.

Check out the Aerin Lauder make up collection here – there are also seasonal releases (palette and lipsticks!)

*PR samples

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