Aerin Kaleidolight Palette & Rose Balm Lipstick in 08 Perfect Nude Review and Swatches

Aerin Lauder’s newest collection for Spring 2014 is a collection of wearable, soft and pretty Rose Balm lipsticks (the rose lip conditioner form the brand is AMAZING, one of my favourites), a Rose Balm which is made up of over 350 Rose Petals, a brush kit and a face palette.  I have the palette and a Rose Balm Lipstick to review! 

Aerin Kaleidolight Palette Rose Balm Lipstick

The Aerin collection I feel, very much feels like part of the Estee Lauder brand (that gold!) but with a romantic feel.  I have so far liked the products I have tried from Aerin, and they definitely have quite a grown up feel to them. 

The Kaleidolight Palette caught my eye with the pretty sunburst layout, consisting of five shades for the face and eyes. My gut instinct said ‘soft, wearable, sheer’ when in fact, this is pretty pigmented (as in I had a cheek accident the first few times I used it because I underestimated how pigmented it actually is). Do not be fooled!

Aerin Kaleidolight Palette Rose Balm Lipstick 1

There is the pretty lavender which works well for colour correct or blended in with the other shades, and of course as a fresh eyeshadow (I love lavender on the eyes) a medium tan, a darker tan, a skin beige on both sides (actually a warm beige I should say) and a pink.  Swirled together you can wear this on the cheek, it looks like a rosy tan colour (and I am not kidding – it IS pigmented).  The browns and purples aso work well on the eyes, the result is very natural! 

Swatches:Aerin Kaleidolight Palette Rose Balm Lipstick 2

The powders are very very soft, like suede to touch which is nice.  

I’ve found the most use for this palette by swirling a large brush over and using it to warm up the face, a job it does very well; on the cheeks, t-zone etc. 

The Rose Lipstick smells of Roses (of course) and comes in ten lovely shades (wearable and dramatic colours, all extremely likeable).  I have 08 Perfect Nude which is a safe choice for me – and yet it isn’t too pale, it’s more of a beige brown that looks elegant with no hint of shimmer.  

The texture is great – it really does feel like you are applying lip balm; nourishing and creamy with good coverage. 

Aerin Kaleidolight Palette Rose Balm Lipstick 3


Aerin Kaleidolight Palette Rose Balm Lipstick 4

Wearing the lipstick and palette on my cheeks here. Excuse the pained expression. 

Aerin Kaleidolight Palette Rose Balm Lipstick 5

How badly do I want this lipstick in Wild Lilac (a deep, dark purple!). 


Wearable but fun at the same time, Aerin’s new collection is definitely worth a look. What I thought would be a slightly boring palette turned out to be a super pigmented all rounder and the lipstick is exquisite and great for dry lips like mine. 

You can buy the palette (£40) and lipstick (other shades available – £25 each) here.  

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