Addiction by Ayako looks de-licious

I noticed Addiction, a new brand by make up artist Ayako in my copy of Voce Magazine.

I knew she was very familiar then I realised I had seen her from afar during a demo – she is/was (?) a Nars girl for 14 years.

Addiction by ayako.jpg

One word: HAWT.*

I am actually sat here with tingles because after the Illamasqua followed by Rouge Bunny Rouge brand swooning, this is the first new range to hit me BAM between the eyes…it’s utterly utterly fabulous.

But then again, I love Nars. Ayako must have learnt a thing or two from her mentor.

Here’s a selection of the eyeshadow shades:

addiction eyeshadows.jpg

I love Japanese brands but I do find they tend to go for the sparkly, sheer wash as opposed to super bold, pigmented colours. Addiction then, is more western in its approach, offering various strong shades and textures in good old black, for example.

Even with the lipglosses, I can see three shades of black and lots of bold reds.

This is going to be fun, fun, fun.

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  1. Grace London says

    I hope this comes to the UK so much – I have high hopes for Selfridges getting hold of it. I *want* that Crow eyeshadow.

    • Row says

      Hey Grace

      I know! the chances of it coming to London for now might be slim – I don’t know, I think it takes a lot of moula to launch in the UK and I am wondering if it has to do well in Japan first for it to make its way here? Let’s see 😀

  2. Zereen says

    Hey Row!!
    Where will this be available – I’ve clicked on your links but I just get an ad?

    • Row says

      Hey Zereen

      Fixed the link, let me know if it doesn’t work? So far I am sourcing a good place we can get our hands on addiction – once I know I’ll let you know! x

  3. Zereen says

    Thanks Row! I’d love to try it. It’s a really difficult website to navigate around isn’t it??!!

    • Row says

      oooj nottyevil I am DYING for make up from this range! I would seriously give up make up from all brands to try it out!

  4. says

    the texture is BEAUTIFUL but hmmm i can’t help but be a tad disappointed somehow about the ADDICTION eyeshadow collection, perhaps i expected the sparkles/color pigment to be more intense. got two blush that i have yet to test-run, can’t wait! one of them is their best selling color that looks shockingly bright in the pan, will do a swatch later~