Adam Beauty Haul! Lavshuca, Esprique Precious and Freshel Swatches

There are more and more Asian based beauty stores appearing, and the majority of them are reliable and have good prices. My favourite though is still

The site can be hard to navigate but I adoreeeee it.

It takes him longer to get make up in sometimes, but his prices are very reasonable and the shipping is cheap ($2) and fast. I have only ever had a problem in 100 transactions with him ONCE, and in that case he replaced the item (he’d sent me the wrong shade).

(Oh, I am not affiliated with Adambeauty in any way – I just love the shop!).

I did some shopping on the site a few weeks ago but just in the sales section. I got:

adambeauty make up .jpg

Freshel UV liquid in YO-C1 (its a foundation and UV milk in one)

Lavshuca Dual Eyes (I never got these when they were launched) in the blue and purple mixes.

Esprique Precious Lip Gloss in PK 878. I already have it in 3 other shades!

Here is the gloss. Esprique Precious (by Beaute De Kose) is a fab brand, underrated though. Its an elegant, understated, high quality brand:

Esprique Precious Rouge Stylish.jpg

This reminds me of Nars’s Turkish Delight. Its gorgeous, really quite plain but a nice topper on most lip colours:

Lip Gloss sheer pink.jpg

I don’t buy much from Freshel, but I know its a pretty decent brand.

Freshel UV white.jpg

I got this because the shade left in stock looked quite dark.

Its also water resistant and brightening – perfect when you think about it for the summer. SPF, cover, bright = all in one!

Freshel White Brightening UV Liquid Foundation .jpg

Its quite liquid and has the same texture as liquid UV lotions. Give it a shake before you use it, otherwise it comes out looking like…well, vomit.

uv liquid milk.jpg

Here it is – yep – I daresay it will suit my NC35 skin just finnneee! Hurrah!

freshel uv liquid.jpg

Rubbed in, it dries quickly. I’ll hazard a guess and say thats the alcohol working – a lot of Japanese skincare does have alcohol in it.

Freshel UV liquid-1.jpg

When dry – TaDa! I am really impressed by this, I only bought it to try out but its sort of a miracle all in one product to keep in the bag.

Freshel UV Language.jpg

Finally these are the duos. These were pretty cheap too I think, just £5-6 quid on sale.

Lavshuca eyeshadow duo.jpg

I got a blue and purple duo. I quite like Duos – makes things easier in the morning!

Lavshuca Eyeshadow Duos.jpg

After feeling like Lavshuca have been a disappointment lately, I have to say these Duos are a complete and absolute hit. The pigmentation and shimmer are GORGEOUS! So lovely. The purple in particular is perfect.

Swatches (do not show off the vibrancy!):

Lavshuca Eyeshadow Duo-1.jpg

Overall this was a totally unnecessary but excellent haul for me! Everything was pretty cool – it helps when you have some knowledge of the brands and know whats good or not.

Bargain hunting- what have you found lately?!

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  1. says

    I love the gloss. So pretty. I visited adams beauty yesterday was unable to navigate. If you don’t mind can you share the direct link to lipgloss or email me ??