Terms & Conditions – Please Read…

So basically here is the process:

1. You see stuff you like on here
2. You write down what you want in the comments 3. I will email you your invoice to the email address you leave in the comments (you paypal one please!) 4. You pay the invoice 5. I package your stuff (will take me a day or two) then will send by recorded shipping only.
6. I will let everyone know when their stuff is sent. Bear in mind it’s a busy time of year for post.
7. You get your stuff, hopefully like it and stuff your face with sweets.

If you haven’t got your stuff after TWO WEEKS (UK) pop me an email to let me know. Quite often it’s being held at your depot but they didn’t bother to card you. If you haven’t got your stuff after THREE WEEKS (international – but bear in mind I send recorded so should be much quicker but it is
Christmas) then pop me an email and we will track it *TOGETHER*.

More info:
1. Please make sure you include your PAYPAL email address in the comment form so I can send you the invoice right away. I will be taking payments via Paypal only. You can buy with paypal without an account AS LONG AS YOU HAVE A DEBIT/CREDIT card. Please make sure a VALID POSTAL ADDRESS is included with your paypal payment, I don’t have time to email everyone to get them to verify their home address. If you know that your paypal address is different to the delivery address, no problem, email me or say so in the comment – but let me know ASAP.

2. After invoicing items are held for 24 hours only before going to the next bidder. Items count as sold once payment is received.

3. Please do check swatches etc. etc. before ordering as there are no returns.

4. Please copy the whole line – number, product name and price into the comments if possible! Not just the numbers as it’s easy to get these mixed up.

5. Please do not bulk ‘reserve’ items and decide later if you want it – you can’t do that in Asda, you can’t do that here

6. Shipping is based on TRUE costs plus packaging and handling fees – all shipping will be combined where there are multiple purchases

7. Items in the sale are my own, purchased in shops or online and some are unwanted gifts from my other half or family (no, they don’t mind).

8. Items are sold as seen, all authentic, condition is as stated please ask if unsure.

I am selling off a lot of my make up – new, barely used stuff – because this is only a small fraction of what I have collected – it’s a hobby for me and I buy a lot to review for the blog – I do need to clear space and I do need to get the collection under some control and just keep my favourites. Hence I am willing to let these items go for a fraction of the price I paid because I want them to be used by someone as I know I will not get round to it.

Shipping – Recorded/Tracked only and is calculated on a parcel to parcel basis. Bear in mind International Airmail Recorded is a minimum of around £6.40p these days (about $10). You can get a decent amount in there for that price though and it means the parcel is insured and comes with a tracking number – at this time of year I won’t risk sending by standard post.

Remember, PLEASE USE YOUR PAYPAL EMAIL in the contact form, and Copy & Paste the WHOLE LINE of the item that you want into the comments.

Any questions just ask. I will respond as quickly as I can.



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