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Cosmetic Candy is an interactive UK based Beauty Blog. We talk about make up, skincare, haircare, health and lots of other interesting subjects, like technology and cats. We report the latest beauty news, discuss topical subjects, have special tutorials; from make up application to making your own creams and have lots of reviews.

We normally update 3-4 times per day with fresh content and original, high quality photographs. What’s the point if you can’t see what a product looks like, right?

Readers: Cosmetic Candy always has new content and is always developing new features to improve your experience. Look out for our search-able swatch gallery and podcasts! We run competitions regularly and review products from all over the world. If there’s anything you want to feedback to us, please use the
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P.R: Want to get your product noticed by beauty addicts? Cosmetic Candy Blog has a monitored, high daily readership from beauty addicts from all over the world, in the UK, US and Asia due to the wide variety of products we talk about. Our readers are smart, beauty loving women aged 15-55 who appreciate honesty and integrity when they read about products, they appreciate real, clear photographs and simple, articulate text that is easy to digest but is also fun. We do not just regurgitate press releases, we do not endorse a brand unless we love it.

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  1. PK says


    I was a die hard fan of Joey New York – Correct a Line for Face.. but it seems it is discontinued. The only thing that comes close is the makeup primer by Smashbox. Anyone know of any alternatives to Joey New York? It really instantly smoothed, and left a velvet finish to the skin. Lasted for several hours, instead of being immediately absorbed.

  2. Dayna says

    Hi PK, I hope you don’t mind me replying. I’ve never used Joey New York before but the primer I swear by is by Avon called Avon Magix Face Perfector. Has a lovely velvet feel when on and holds foundation in place for hours and hours. The foundation clings so well to the primer that if you’ve missed a spot you’ll be able to tell. I have to used a different primer for my eyes though as they are much more oily and for that I used F.Y…eye! It’s absolutely amazing! My eyeshadow doesnn’t crease what so ever!

  3. says

    You not only provide great quality of articles, but also youtube channel is amazing. Love they way you did on Halloween makeup. Me with friends had similar makeup party going on. It was so much fun. Maybe next year, if you let me I will contribute to your video blog :)

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