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Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and leave a comment.  It’s always lovely reading what you have to say.

Comments are always appreciated especially when they add to further discussion and interaction on the blog.  You may want to read the commenting policy on what will/will not be accepted.

When you leave a comment on Cosmetic Candy, please remember:

  1. To not advertise in the comments.  This includes outbound links to sites unless they add to the discussion in the post.
  2. Do not use a spam name because I will automatically delete you (i.e. BUY VIAGRA ONLINE – not a good username)
  3. To not slander others in your comments. I have no time for rumors or gossip  about others and such comments will be deleted.
  4. To be polite in your comments; rude, hateful, spiteful comments however sugar coated you try to make them will not be tolerated, towards me other readers or other bloggers.  If in doubt ask yourself – I can dish it but could I take it?
  5. However, funny comments, constructive criticism is more than welcome.
  6. Comments that make no sense whatsoever will be deleted.
  7. People who leave comments thinking that I am Cadburys or Nescafe will be mercilessly ridiculed by me and the cat.
  8. Do not leave links to your website in the blog (leave it in the URL box) or to your giveaways etc.
  9. Please remember you are responsible for the content of your comments.

I sometimes miss comments on older posts (But I do read every single one) so if you have a burning question that hasn’t been answered, feel free to drop me an email using the contact form.  Please note – I will advise where I can but it is only my opinion and people who can’t say ‘thank you’ will not have future emails responded to.

Comments are approved, deleted, spammed at my own discretion and my goal is to create a positive environment for readers.  I do not delete comments that are critical as long as they are constructive, well written and have a point. Don’t bother with your backhanded compliments – these will be deleted at my discretion unless you are willing to upload a full face picture of your fine self for us to critique.

Comments are just written to insult, to upset, to demean, slander (me or other people), incite trouble or self promote will be deleted.

I state clearly if an blog post is sponsored or has an affiliate link (please see the disclaimer) so asking me to clarify something that has already been pointed out in the post, just because you want to nit pick will count as spamming.  Genuine queries are always welcome.

Remember your ‘Anonymous’ comments can always be traced one way or another.

If you wish to advertise on this blog there are proper channels for this – please contact me via the email forms.

I will  do the best I can to keep up with comments but it isn’t always possible.

Please be aware that I am just one person with a real life, a full time job, family to care for and many more commitments, and blogging is just my hobby. I will sometimes make mistakes but ultimately I work hard creating content for this blog (at least 3 posts per day with my own photographs) – so please consider how much work this is and have some manners when leaving your comments.

If you don’t like what you see, there are plenty of other amazing blogs out there to read. Obviously, I am so so so happy you take the time to visit mine but if you find yourself with the urge to troll, please do, move on.  Life is too short for fussin’ and fightin’

“Until you can create something that captivates people, I’d invite you to just shut up. It’s easy to attack and destroy an act of creation. It’s a lot more difficult to perform one.” – Chuck Palahniuk

Thankyou and Goodnight!

August – 2010


  1. Starlit says

    P l e a s e… I didn’t know my info would be posted publicly!!!

    If you would be sooo kind: Please deleate my comment from your for sale post:
    “January 19, 2011 at 12:54 am”
    I have my personal information on there name/address/email. Thank you so much.

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