A scent to die for

I mentioned before that there’s a smell that is utterly divine, which floats from my local Nars counter. For years I’ve been smelling it, sniffing my clothes and cosmetic boxes to get a whiff and up untill recently I thought it was the Nars Monoi Oil.

But it’s not. The Monoi is sure nice, but it smells like…well, monoi. Like Hawaii and Coconuts.

Went to Nars today for a make over (Zereen you bad bad girl, I saw the stuff you have reserved at the side) and I sniffed around the counter untill I found it. And I found it:


No, it’s not a lampshade. It’s a Nars Candle called Shangri-La. There’s four of them but after some concentrated sniffing I am 100% sure this is the ONE.

Says Nars:

NARS Candles were created to elevate the senses and instill a peaceful ambiance. Each candle possesses a uniquely delicious aromatic scent formulated to enhance mood, invoke the senses and evoke individual memories. Encased in either white or black matte glass with the NARS signature logo, each candle is composed of rich essential oils in a soft, paraffin-free wax base allowing for an optimum burn time of 70 hours.

Fresh, clean top notes of bois de rose and mountain sage paired with warm, spicier notes of clove bud, nutmeg and basil leaves produced this enticingly spicy and exotic scent. The heart combines delicate notes of jasmine petals and black tea for a softly provocative touch. Shangri-La’s signature crimson wax is encased in a corresponding crimson glass, making it the quintessential gift for the holiday season.

What is weird about this candle is that its very soft (yes readers, I stuck my grimy finger in it when my beautiful make up artist had turned around) and slathered some on my wrist. It’s THAT soft – I recks you could use it as a solid purfume. So at £34.50 it’s really not bad when you think that you can use it as scent too.

It’s my Bday in November so this will definately be on my list. I can’t believe its taken me this long to track it down! I suggest you get yourself down to a NARS counter and stick your finger in one too and dab dab dab (don’t blame me when security escorts you out though). It’s my favourite smell in the world!

(2nd: Baby’s head, 3rd: A freshly bathed cat)

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  1. Zereen says

    Hi Rowena!! Thank God my husband doesn’t read this blog – I told him I’d only be getting one solitary lipstick :D:L!!! Poor Leena, I’ve been hassling her all week with different eyeshadows I want to ask her advice about – she must be so sick of me!! Can’t wait to see her tomorrow! Your makeover looks absolutely lovely. Funnily enough I’ve got Stromboli too – have you used it yourself yet? You seem to have really good skin anyway but I like the coverage it gives to mine. The only trouble is that I find it a bit tricky and time consuming to apply.

  2. Row says

    Hi Zereen! Hope you had fun! Are you a stromboli too? She said its a bit of a warmer finish which I prefer – I live the coverage factor I don”t like bases that are too sheer but I haven’t got round to using it yet!

    She told me she had a fan! I said yeah I know, I introduced her to the cult!

  3. Zereen says

    Had another fantastic day with my Leena-inspired purchases! Loved the new purple eyashadow duo too! Once again, thanks for the advice.
    Ps. I apparently beat you with my haul, although I’m not sure that’s something to show off about!!!