A plea to Shu Uemura…..

One excellent thing MAC does is the Back to MAC program, which I am sure most of you know is when you can take 6 empty products back to MAC and you get to choose a free lippie or eyeshadow.

Now I plead with Shu Uemura to do the same!

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I for one always take my Shu Shadows out of their plastic cases and put them into their palettes. I have kept all my empties with the hope that one day they will do a similar program. Infact other brands should take this on…finishing 6 products is not that easy and we should be rewarded with a little treat, no?!

What brands do you want to see have a scheme like this?

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  1. says

    While I’ve never used Shu Uemura, I feel that other companies should adopt a similar policy (esp Clinique, because I love their products!). Even just an eyeshadow or a lipgloss would be fabulous… ANYTHING! I guess some companies use the Gift With Purchase strategy of keeping customers instead.

    • Row says

      Hi Marylin,

      Yeah if all brands did this, it would be great! Their products aren’t exactly cheap and getting something back for every six would be really cool. I am alway tempted by gift time but it only seems to be some brands that do it – like EL, Clinique (are very generous), Clarins, etc. Chanel never do it….

  2. Christie says

    Benefit! I use boi-ing concealer from them and I always feel crap chucking away the empty containers. x x x

    • Row says

      Hey Christie

      I agree. I feel really bad throwing posh mascara’s away like YSL ones! Urgh, they’re gold for goddsake!

  3. Holly says

    You’re in the UK, aren’t you? I’ve always avoided Back To Mac because it says on the website that you can only get a lipstick in exchange, and I don’t wear lipstick. Can you really get eyeshadow? What about lip gloss?

    • Row says

      Hi Holly

      Last time they let me choose an eyeshadow. I know in the US you can have different products but in the UK on paper its just a lipstick but you can certainly ask about. Its a shame you don’t wear lipstick – what about a sheer one or waiting for a LE lipstick (like the cream shines?)

    • Row says

      Hey Lipglossing

      Yeah it would be fabulous, a good way to get brand loyalty and its just a nice little treat for brands we are fans of!

  4. says

    You know, I was pretty disappointed that MAC changed its paper box lash curler packaging (plan to write about it) to the clunky plastic one. :( I’d love to see your SU stash! :)

    PS: Love your tweets. Am totally linking you on Makeup Stash! 😀