A man in make up – because sharing bathrooms isn’t enough.

Men wearing eyeliner is nothing new surely?

Famous men, that is. Men in rock bands, actors, the extremely good looking and of course the emo/grunge/punk students who want to look alternative at college, before going to University to study accounting and become good members of society, like Mum told them to.

Superdrug, the store that can’t keep shelves tidy have launched the guy liner…because its injected with testosterone and body hair which makes it different from an ordinary black eyeliner…

Hmmm. Make up for the men, en masse. Let’s study some examples…

Johnny Depp is an obvious one – with that dark olive skin and, er, piratey good looks this man can carry of liner.

This is Johnny Depp we are talking about though. If you aren’t tan, chiselled and charasmatic you might have a problem.

Some colourings for example will struggle –

Ginger and pale, to the point where you have no lashes could be a problem. Black looks harsh and you may need man mascara too in order to create some definition to the lashes. A bad shirt doesn’t help either.

Be wary of being in the category of man who THINKS he can pull it off but just looks like a complete and utter DOUCHE.

Examples –

Criss Angel. Just the way he spells CHRIS gets on my nerves. He also had a brother called Costa, after Costa Coffees, which is what his mother had too much of when she was naming her sons.

Pete Wentz. He has a lowish profile in the UK but I know he got Ashlee Simpson pregnant that married her quickly and is in Fall Out Boy? Something about him screams moron. I could be wrong. Don’t kill me, oh 16 year old teens.

But what about the every day man? Your dad? Your brother? Your boyfriend? Would you like to see the men in your life wearing eyeliner and other things?

Personally I’m not into vain men (hygiene is another thing entirely) and whilst it looks good on the rich and famous, do you men really have time to be applying eyeliner (bar students, as you have plenty of time to do anything)? There’s shelves to fix, cars to fix, light bulbs to change…

(Mind you, I did hold the boyf down and apply lots of mascara and eyeliner once. It was mesmerizing since I do not have such long fluttery eyelashes. ‘Have you definately washed it all off?’ he says. ‘Yeah, yeah’ I said unable to scrub off the rest of it off. The moment his sister saw him (the next day) ‘Are you wearing eyeliner?’.

Chances of putting make up on him again = 0

My make up removal skills = 1

Eagle eye of sister = 10)

No post is complete without pictures of The Bale, looking less morose then usual, and whom with make up, looks scarily similar to the boyf. Maybe I should be applying neon blue to his peepers more often?!

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  1. Chica says

    Haha, love that you too think Criss is an utter tit :)
    The only man on ze Earth that should/can wear liner is Jonny Depp.
    No one else can pull it off, sorry & there is something pretty boy/ effeminate about guys wearing make up (aye, I know that history is full of the stuff) and i just don’t personally find it attractive.
    Men who shower & wear aftershave is enough for me.. guys who spend half an hour on their hair irritate me…add make up to that…nah.

  2. says

    men with eyeliner gives me the creeps! LOL sorry, i just dont’ think guys should use eyeliners! :( But I am intrigued with the guyliner! lol

  3. says

    IDK, I’m all for some bronzing gel, tinted moistuirizer or tinted lipbalm, but some guys take it to the extreme. For some reason, an alarming number of the Korean boys at my high school used to wear foundation, and once I found out, I could never look at them without a twinge of revulsion and pity (even I didn’t wear foundation back then!).

    PS: Chris Evans scares the bejesus out of me. Makeup can’t help him; a paper bag is his only recourse.

    Also: Johnny Depp’s picture makes him look like a Madame Tussaud’s wax figure.

  4. says

    haha…Toby McGuire in Spider Man III looks funny too turning emo…

    I get thrown off even when I see men with hair gel (disgusting!) let alone eyeliner…then again, there are stuff like lavender/pink shirts, rubber wrist band, man bang (fringes) jewelry,piercing and shaggy hair.(I swear I will shave it off if I were the mom.)

    I never think that Peter Wentz is good looking at all…

  5. Row says

    Hey Chica

    Tis true – I have probably dated one vain man in my whole life…no wait, two, and they were by no means extreme but its was still very annoying to meet a man who used an exfoliator every day…

    True! Johnny can wear eyeliner anyday, anytime!

  6. Row says

    Hi Nikki

    Can you imagine your average working guy in liner? that would be odd. altho some men have extremely thick lashes that look like they wear liner – don’t persecute them!

  7. Row says

    Mandy –

    That cos Johnny is just like….out of this world?!?

    A man in foundation?! Urk. Men are lucky they can have marks and scars and it doesn’t matter, women feel the need to cover it up. Not acne though, men with pus filled acne should definately squeeze…but I digress.

    A man with bronzing gel! surely not mandy!

  8. Row says

    Citrine – tis true! That bit from Spiderman 3 is HILARIOUS how he wears eyeliner to discover his ‘dark’ side. Its was also cringeworthy!