A fruit salad on your hands: LCN Summer Hand Cream Review

LCN is a new brand to me but as I noticed a bit of creasing in my usually super smooth hands I have become a hand cream addict.

Most hand creams that enter Casa Candy go immediately into Mr C’s pocket because he has extremely dry hands that need constant moisture. If I’m lucky I get to sniff at it.

I got this hand cream ages ago (it’s long gone) and it was the most amazingly scented hand cream – or indeed product – I have ever used! A mixture of Cranberry, Goji Berry and Cranberry, this is a rich cream that sinks in quickly and hydrates nicely.


To be honest, the best thing about this is the smell – I wish I had smellovision (or however you spell it!) because it’s the most delicious thing ever.

I’m surprised there’s no SPF though with it being a “summer” hand cream.


All in all a nice handcream, However you don’t get much (just 50ml, not much for hand cream) and it costs £10.30 which makes it quite a pricey buy. Worth it just to smell it though.

See the LCN range here.

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