A Deodorant that lasts 7 days? QB Medicated Deodorant Cream Review

Come on – we all sweat. Not everyone sweats equally, granted – but we all sweat. It’s only natural, baby.

You’re going to think I have a sweat problem because I keep reviewing deodorants…but I don’t! I swear! I do get very hot though and I hate feeling uncomfortable because of it.  I am also not a big fan of high street deodorant as it gives me rashes and itch patches under my arms.

Then I found QB.

They say: QB Medicinal Deodorant Cream contains O-Cymen-5-OL compounds, which are the active ingredients with a high sterilizing power and disinfect the bacteria which cause BO. Zinc Oxide, the other active ingredient present, reduces sweat, therefore enduring a high deodorant effect by decreasing the sweating process.

QB Deodorant Cream will reduce sweat and odour for up to 7 days.  It doesn’t leave a residue on your skin or feel sticky.

Anyway, what are the causes of BO anyway?:

BO is caused by the sweat from the Apocrine glands, which includes ingredients such as albumin, fat and ammonia. It becomes pungent when it connects with bacteria on the surface of the skin, even though the sweat itself is odorless.

QR Medicated Deodorant Cream

This product is supposed to be quite popular in Japan. It comes in full size and this mini travel size which is 5g (the one I have here). I paid £9 for this tiny tiny tiny tiny tub so needless to say, I knew I’d be pretty miffed if it didn’t work.  I mean..I’ve tried stuff like those crystal deodorants before. They ‘kinda’ work, like how £2.99 non stick pans ‘kinda’ work.

It is also free of dyes, perfume, parabens and aluminum.  Does this really work? Well read on and I’ll tell ya!

How to use:

Have a shower and dry the skin.  Apply around 5mm of product to the underarm or feet area and spread until it becomes clear. Yse once a week.

If you result is not optimal at first, you can use the product more regularly and spread the cream over a wider area.

QB Deodorant Cream Review

This product comes in 5g, 15g and 30g – there is also a soap and deodorant stick from the range.

Anyway so I tried this out – you do only need a tiny amount and it has a very thick solid texture.  It reminds of Sudocreme (just a bit) in texture. I applied some and forgot about it. I didn’t use deodorant for a week and just sprayed some perfume around my neck.

Did this stuff work!?

Yes! YES! YES! It works. I think it works extremely well for 5 days as opposed to 7. Although you may still sweat (in terms of actual sweat) there’s no smell there. It’s one of those things that is quite handy even if you still want to use some deodorant because its extra stink-security.

QB Medicated Deodorant Cream


Using this cream and nothing else (and I was sweating quite a lot as I had quite a physical week at work moving things because of a office change) I have to say it worked a REAL treat.  There was no stench, no hint of BO or anything. It’s also a very gentle deodorant I didn’t experience any itching or irritation which I do with sprays so this, plus a spritz of my favourite girly scent is perfect.  It means I don’t have the perfume and deodorant fighting each other too!

I bought this from eBay – this tiny tube will last a while but if I get a chance to buy the bigger tub I will do.

What kind of deodorant do you use?

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  1. Shannon says

    wait, so apply it on monday after shower, but it’ll continue working for 5-7 days (depending on the person of course) even if i shower nightly? it doesn’t get washed off? :O that’s pretty amazing! And you say no marks right? Right now i’m fighting to find a working deodorant too that especially leaves no white mark whenever i put on my black tops on! it’s very irritating :\

  2. NoBunny says

    This stuff sounds amazing! It’s too expensive though. Come on America, release this to your consumers!

  3. Giselle says

    I’m almost worried that it will clog my glands and do something bad. But I’m on a lifelong search for a serious anti-perspirant

  4. Jen says

    Interesting product, kinda reminds me of the products you can get for “extreme” perspiration, like Driclor and Anhydrol Forte. I’ve tried the crystal rock deodorants, which probably worked (I don’t sweat much anyway, apart from when I’m doing proper exercise!) but weren’t very…refreshing?! Incidentally, I’ve just read somewhere online that you can use bicarbonate of soda as a deodorant, apparently you can just brush it on with a kabuki brush and it soaks up the sweat and odour!