A Cube Lip Balm?! OMI Menturm MoisCube Lip Cream Super Rich Review

My lip balm obsession is never ending; I am forever buying and losing them!

OMI Menturm is a Japanese brand that make an array of products, and they have some pretty well known lip balms that usually have a strong menthol scent and tingle.  Being up for a gimmick I couldn’t resist these Moist Cube or rather, Moiscube lip balms…

OMI Menturm MoisCube Lip Cream Super Rich Review

Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE CUBE SHAPED! Makes all the difference don’t ya know!

There are 2 versions of this lip balms, Moisture Rich and Super Rich.  Both sound very rich, don’t you think!? I chose Super Rich.

These lip balms contain tsubaki oil (5%) and squalene & olive oil 25% which is extra hydrating!  The texture of these balms ARE lovely; super soft and neither too thick nor too oily.  It doesn’t need warming up or anything like that.

They are supposed to have a light menthol scent – I personally just thought that this smelt of oil and over time it got annoying (I have this one on my desk at work at the moment) and the oily smell started to irritate me. Maybe because it’s not quite scentless, but it’s not scented either.

OMI Menturm MoisCube Lip Cream Super Rich Review

Now does the cube shape work better or feel better on the lips?

Er, no.  It makes little difference to anything, it’s just the novelty, dah-ling.

I paid about £4 for this from eBay, mustn’t grumble, it’s pretty ok for a lip balm but I think I need a bit more pleasure to my daily lip balming, like, a nicer scent or perhaps a tint of colour.

What is your favourite lip balm?

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  1. Jen says

    Fave lipbalm is between the by Terry rose baume, or the Creme de la mer one that smells like murray mints Mmmmmm Lancome used to do one that was shaped like the EOS balms that smelt luvverly but it was limited edition :(
    I bought so many lip balms in Japan I lost count lol They all seemed so interesting a different to what was in UK I went a bit overboard!