A Complete Brow Kit for £10? Innisfree Eco Beauty Tool Self Grooming Eyebrow Kit Review!

I have really got into brows since my experience at the Shu Uemura Tokyo Brow Station, so much so that I started looking around for a good kit. The Shu Uemura brow tools are divine but also quite pricey – so when I saw this Innisfree Eco Beauty Eyebrow kit, I couldn’t resist buying it.  It cost me around £10 with shipping, the retail price is actually less if you can get to this brand direct!

I do my mums brows and all my aunts too so I knew I’d get decent use out of this kit!

Innisfree Eco Beauty Took Self Grooming Eyebrow Kit Review

This kit basically comes with 6 main components and the pouch, which is great, as it’s compact and slim, and keeps everything neat and together. I really do prefer the plastic envelope style to something like a hard case, which would make it more cumbersome to carry around. 

How the envelope looks when closed – not exactly glam, but it’s fine:

Innisfree Eco Beauty Took Self Grooming Eyebrow Kit Review 2

The order of use (according to their guide – you are of course free to use the kit as you please):

1. Eyebrow spoolie to brush the brows into shape

2. Trimmer (the white thing) so shave off the fuzzy hairs

3. Tweeze 

4. Brush and trim long hairs 

5. Clean up with the soft foam tipped applicator 

6. Use the stencil to fill in the brow

INNISFREE Eco Beauty Tool Self Eyebrow Kit

Rather usefully, the guide is on the back of the pack:

Innisfree Eco Beauty Took Self Grooming Eyebrow Kit Review 1

Not everyone will use all the products or do all the steps of course. 

I personally will use most of it – trimming, shaving and tweezing actually.  

What’s inside the kit:

Innisfree Eco Beauty Took Self Grooming Eyebrow Kit Review 4

1. Brow Razor – this is a really handy tool for fuzzes. The idea of shaving brow hair might seem odd, and I can see why, but it does work well when you are in a rush and need a clean brow and also for those annoying little short fine hairs under the brow and above. I have done this before and had no issues with the way the hair grows back. This hand razor is pretty sharp too. 

2. Tweezers – I am the queen of losing tweezers so really, I can’t have enough. These have a soft grip panel and they are pretty decent tweezers I would happily pay £10-£15 for. They clamp together well and tightly and I haven’t had issues using it on baby fine hairs.  

3. Brow scissors – I like scissors with a slightly curve and very fine ends that can get those finer hairs. This one is great – it’s far easier to use on brows and nose hair etc (ahem) than regular straight mini scissors, trust me, and you know you won’t end up accidentally cutting yourself because of the way the ends curve away from you. 

4. Brow spoolie – nothing really says you need a special brush – an old mascara wand works just as well of course but this is handy to have and brushes hairs nicely.  

5. Sponge – this unusual half moon shaped sponge is to use under the brows for brushing away hairs etc. I like it, although it is the least useful tool really.

6. Eyebrow stencils – there are 3 and they slot into a pocket at the back. I don’t usually use these things, but I have had good results with them and a brow powder. 

Here are the eyebrow stencils – all 3 shapes I think are quite elegant and stencil, I’d be happy to use them:

Innisfree Eco Beauty Took Self Grooming Eyebrow Kit Review 3


A great purchase if you are just starting to build up your perfect brow kit!  I have this stuff separately but this is a great way to keep it all together. 

I bought this from eBay – search for Innisfree Eco Eyebrow for a selection of sellers! 

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