A clear gloss, these days is hard to find

I want to wear some glitter on my eyes tomorrow so decided to find some clear lip gloss to use as a sticky base – a cheap one of course.

Boy has it been a challenge. I went to Superdrug, and checked out the cheaper brands in the scale – Collection 2000, NYC, 2True etc. They all had clear lip glosses but I noticed most of them are ‘lip plumping’ following the trend for pumped up juicyness. I am not having anything with ‘plumping’ on my eyes obviously so the search went on.

In the end I got a Miss Sporty clear gloss – £2.79 got home and what does it say on the back – ‘non-sticky formula’ ARGH!

Is it that hard to find a sticky, clear, non plumping, non scented gloss?!

I will have to use my Nars Triple X Clear gloss for now, but the formula isn’t super stickey. When I think about it, the tackiest, horriblest gloss I ever had was MAC Lipglass in Clear, which came in a squeezy tube. You could walk about 5 paces before your hair stuck permanently to your lips.

Having said that I won’t be sticking glitter to my eyes very often so I’ll make do for now!

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  1. says

    Are Studio Gear cosmetics carried in the UK? SG’s Liplacquer is tackiest, stickiest lipgloss I’ve come across; I could wax my legs with the stuff.

  2. Li says

    Oh my gosh that Lipglass was a nightmare, a total liability! I actually have a Mac gloss specifically for my eyes, it’s not for lips it’s for cheeks and lids etc, it’s clear and scentless. I dont have it on me but I can tell you what it’s called another time. Merry Christmas!