8 Days of Shampoo Reviews No. 8: Shielo Strengthening Shampoo Colour Protect Review

**If there is one beauty product I go through quickly it’s shampoo as I wash my hair pretty much every day. For the next 8 days there will reviews from products that I have used for at least 3 weeks each. My hair type is dry, frizzy and coloured**

Shielo is a US based company who can a selection of hair products for different types of locks – volume, colour protect, hydrate and anti aging.

I chose to test the Colour Protect range, seeing as my hair is dyed although the hydrate range was tempting too!


They say:

This root strengthening shampoo uses a unique technology that allows proteins to molecularly fuse with hair to reinforce hair’s bonds and heightened volume. Contains a low pH to compact cuticles for superior colour retention.
This shampoo is also sulfate free (hurrah) which means that I had no irritation using it at all. It has a slightly floral scent (perhaps the Jasmine) which is nice without being overpowering.

I found the shampoo quite foamy and the conditioner easy to apply and hydrating. Once again this conditioner isn’t the best for me cos my hair is so dry (arghhh) but it did help smooth things out and calm it down.

For normal hair this conditioner would work a treat.

The shampoo I though made my hair colour look pretty nice – you know when you hair has a glassy shine to it? Like that!

To be honest all week I’ve reviewed great shampoos – none of them have been madly disappointing which means there’s lots of good stuff out there to choose from!

Also this is shipped from the US, this arrived super quick.

You an see the products here – the shampoo is $24.99.

Shampoo Rating: 4/5
Conditioner Rating: 4/5

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  1. Jen says

    lol I was surprised that I could read Chinese characters (not sure if it’s meant to be Chinese, or if it is just Kanji?!)…those years at Chinese school were not wasted! I like the sound of jasmine scent, and that it gives your hair a glassy shine :) Be great if it were a bit more easy to get hold of in the UK though