7 Random Objects of Happiness: Day 5 – Imported Ready Meals

I am obsessed with food from abroad (recommendations, anyone?).

American food especially, I am fascinated by it all. I was determined to try Mac and Cheese, since it was always the easiest meal to make on The Sims. After paying far too much on eBay for a pack….here it is!


I feel conned – it’s a box of macaroni and a sachet of cheese sauce. Hardly anything special! Nevertheless – I will be cooking this soon, perhaps on a day when I need a little cheesy treat.

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  1. You haven’t lived until you’ve imported Lucky Charms cereal. Try it!

  2. baby in a corner says:

    this is pot noodle american style!

    • Ooh I love a good pot noodle I still crave it sometimes! Chicken and mushroom flavour!

  3. They do this at asda… for not much at all :( Sorry to break that news

  4. Giselle says:

    mmmm one of my favorite things in the world! i think i’m gonna go eat some right now… o_o

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