7 Random Objects of Happiness: Day 3 – Cat Business Card Holder

I don’t know when I became a cat lover – must’ve been when I became a cat momma. Before then my closest encounter with a cat was with my piano teacher’s cat, Tiddles.

Tiddles with black and white, always so friendly, but I never ever let her on my lap because she’d claw you like crazy.

Tiddles must be in cat heaven by now.

I bought this card holder because it reminds me of my Yuki Bear:


She’s so beautiful, sometimes I think it’s Christy Turlington with a cat suit on. A very, very, very short Christy Turlington.

The back:


The only fault of this is that it doesn’t hold many cards. And grown men look at me like I’m a nutter when I whip it out!

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  1. baby in a corner says

    this is so frigging cute! i think we have a similar sense of cuteness!

    I absolutely love kitsch earrings especially. i have little deer that i love plus an assortment of colouredy hearts and bows as well. i got some of them in Japan but others in topshop and river island

    • Row says

      Its so cute shame it doesn’t carry may cards though

      I am in love with Korean designs at the moment more than I love Japanese!

  2. Lucia says

    omg it is very cute!
    Where do you get this?I love cats too, however I am a bit allergic to them, sad.