7 Random Objects of Happiness: Day 2 – Pilot Permaball Pens

Not only do I love notebooks – I also love pens…

No point buying the perfect notebook and not writing with the perfect pen right? Not kidding – I will throw tantrums when someone hands me their chewed up old Bic.

My favourite pen is by Pilot and its called the Permaball. It writes at 1 mm (thick!), it’s super inky but totally permanent when dry. They recently discontinued it for a recycled version, which is great, but also more expensive.

I picked up a box of 10 on eBay, just to tide me over:


Any other pen lovers out there? What is your pen of choice?

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  1. I would say Papermate Gel pens are my absolute fave… Especially in the colours Turquoise Blue, Baby Pink, Lylac…
    I wrote a little blog entry about school supplies some time ago… Maybe you would like to see the pics? Just a selction of my fave things for revision time :)

  2. I love my fountain pen, and I love using bottled ink. No cartridges for me! It smears and it runs at the slightest touch of water, but it is the most comfortable way to write! Plus, I love finding new inks to use!

    This is a stock photo of the fountain pen I own. I own two of them since they are so cheap and so comfortable to write with!


  3. pens! I’ll try the permaball sometime. I like thnner lines.
    I’m finding the pentel hybrid gel pen (k175) very nice to write with.
    Have you tried the erasable ink pens? pilot frixion and other lines seem quite nice.

    • Ah I like really thick lines hence the permaball.

      I have tried the Frixion! Its quite nice but not inky enough for me

  4. I love pens! I have many favorite kinds of pens (it depends on what I need them for). Fine tip Sharpies in every color, Gelly Rolls in metallic and regular in every color, Pilot Precise V5/V7 Retractable Pens in purple and green…

    • Ahh you know I wanted some fine tip sharpies but they are US only :( I like really runny, inky pens but they have to dry quickly too! I will check out your favorites!

  5. I LOVE the pilot permaball pens also. Can you tell me where I can find them in blue? I am having a hard time finding them. Can you tell what category on Ebay you found them. Any information about them or what they are replacing them with would be great. My email is zdemar3@gmail.com (just put Pen in the subject line so I don’t erase any emails by mistake). Thank you so much.

    They’re better than any other pen in the world because of their design, and the ink that remains solid on any surface. It’s the pen i chose over the other 2000 i own :)