6 Days of Mascara No. 3: Boots No. 17 Photo Flawless Mascara Review

**For the next 6 days I’ve got 6 speed mascara reviews coming up. Who will be victorious?!**

I reviewed the No 17 Photo Flawless Foundation and Primer recently and now it’s the turn of the mascara!

I like how this comes in different variations – Black-Green, Black-Gold and Black-Blue.


Mine is black-gold. Can I tell once it’s on my lashes? No, not really.

This is the brush – it’s big, it’s curved, it’s quite hard…By hard I mean that some brushes don’t have any give in them at all. This is not one to poke into your eyeball!

The curved side is cut to almost the same length, the other side is spiky to comb through.


The brush is not ideal for my eye! You can see it covers the whole thing, I like a bit more gradual application:


Ok, so I can’t see lots of volume but I can see length and hey – it’s holding curl! How cool. Mind you, when I added a second coat my lashes began to flop. You may want to use this then use a waterproof mascara to seal in the curl, that seems to work better for straight Asian lashes like mine:


Nevertheless, impressive for s £5.99 mascara. Purchase from Boots.

Score: 4/5

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  1. Jen says

    I bought this recently too to make up my 3 for 2 (I already had my heart set on the 2 Vintage love eye palettes but nothing else on the 17 stand was grabbing my attention until I saw this mascara!). I opted for the black-blue option as I’ve not found a blue mascara I love since my beloved Olay mascara! I have to say I was pretty impressed with the results, I’d say it was probably more of a lengthening mascara, and the blue is not immediately noticeable like with your gold, but it didn’t smudge on me after all-day wear…definitely not bad for what was essentially a freebie! Not sure how it is “photo-flawless” though?!