6 Day Giveaway, Day 4: Win a YSL Touche Eclat in shade 01

**I will be doing 6 days of Christmas Giveaways from now up to Christmas Eve. Please come back to enter!**

Today I have the classic bestseller YSL Touch Eclat under eye highlighter to give away in Shade 01 (best for light skintones).  Touche eclat

Touche Éclat captures the quintessence of Yves Saint Laurent’s philosophy of complexion: natural radiance. Used by make–up artists and models alike, it captures the light, banishing signs of fatigue and fading out imperfections.

Wanna win?

Answer this question:

What would be your dream Christmas Day?

Me: It would be a house with a huge tree and big fire, lots of kids, lots of presents, tons and tons of tasty food and just lots of fun and laughs and games! On the Wii!

Winners will be chosen in the New Year. The competition is open internationally. No cash alternative will be offered and prizes will not be ‘resent’ in they are ‘lost’.  Proof of postage is always retained. If you do not respond with your address in 2 days another winner will be chosen.

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  1. AIMEE SWIFT says:

    breakfast i bed with my husband and 2 daughters watching their faces as they open their gifts, seeing the magic of christmas through a childs eyes….

  2. BooBooNinja says:

    Waking up to a sunny day and seeing fresh snow has fallen. Going sledding with my family and friends and finishing it off with hot cocoa and games in front of a roaring fire.

  3. Fiona Mallard says:

    We already have my perfect Christmas day – up early for opening presents, I go for a run while my mum and sister start the dinner, then I make breakfast for everyone. Yummy dinner followed by a ‘surprise’ late present from my mum, usually a game we can all play. Lots of drinking and games of charades!

  4. Perfect Christmas day would be a light flurry of snow, all children happy and smiling ALL day with no tantrums or tears from the adults :) a few glasses of wine with lots of nice food and lots of family games, perfect.

  5. Helen Greatorex says:

    Everyone being happy with everything they received!

  6. my perfect x-mas day would be somewhere where’s summer and wild nature. it would be very exciting to me to celebrate holidays in an enviorment much more different i’m used to and i’m crazy for a long break. i would also bring my loved ones! hope i win and thanks for the giveaway 😀

  7. A leisurely bucks fizz and scrambled egg with smoked salmon breakfast, lots of lovely presents to open with my hubby and two boys, then a chef to come round and cook us all dinner and clean up afterward so I could spend the whole day relaxing without having to lift a finger.

  8. Christmas Day is going to be amazing whatever happens, because I nearly bled to death on a hospital operating table in January so if the dinner burns, the family has a row and my presents all suck, I don’t care. I’m just so thankful to still be here to experience it all. Hopefully there will be yummy food, ace presents and no rows though 😉 Merry Christmas! x

  9. my dream christmas day is to simply be able to spend it with all of my family… now that my family is spread across the world, its hard!

  10. In my sociable moods it’s a day in my beautiful home with all the people I lvoe best around me, great food and fantastic conversation. In my unsociable ones, it’s just me in the house, some smoked salmon and champagne and a pile of great books!

  11. Victoria Boland says:

    All the family in a huge house with open fires. All the food is catered.

  12. Alison Campbell says:

    My dream Christmas would be my sister and family arriving on time, my Mum not counting how many glasses of wine I have and my Dad keeping his eyes open past 6pm!

  13. Mine would be lying in til midday… in a swanky hotel in New York! Dinner all made for us. No drama or argument, just relaxation.

  14. having a happy party at home for all my friends, while my parents enjoy the night out alone :}

  15. My dream Christmas: A log cabin, snow outside, big warm fireplace, with my two cats and my husband. This might all sound really cliche but I live in Texas and we don’t experience winter the way other people do.

  16. Everyone is usually well-behaved and makes an effort to keep their tempers in check on the day anyway, but my mum not having to work would be extra nice! It would also be cool if my dad trusted me with the cooking…I just want my parents to relax for once! I’d love if my dog was let into the house too – he’s big and smelly and generally prefers the outdoors. Finally, all of my relatives are scattered a third of the way across the world in both directions, so it would be awesome if we could all get together! Would need professionals to organise the dinner though, as my mum has a lot of siblings, all with kids! Merry Christas, Cosmetic Candy :)

  17. I think I would love to spend it in Hawaii or somewhere else warm. Enjoying morning coffee on the beach :)

  18. Nikki Elkins says:

    I would love to rent a big cabin that has a huge Christmas tree! With a nice fireplace. Lots of lights and music.

  19. Sheila Sloan says:

    Having the family together for Christmas dinner is enough for me … doesn’t matter where. The decorations and presents are just lovely extras.

  20. Julie Picton says:

    Spending the day with family

  21. Just that me and the ones I love are happy, healthy, and can spend time together inside a toasty house with lots of hot food.

  22. My dream Christmas would be the same as always – opening presents in the morning, followed by bacon and cinnamon rolls, napping in the afternoon and family get-together in the evening – only with my manfriend, who’s currently 5500 miles away :(

  23. Waking up early in the morning to smell of breakfast, spending the morning with friends and family around the tree and opening presents, then heading to a friend’s house for Christmas dinner and holiday games and fun!

  24. I don’t think I’d want it to be any different from how I usually celebrate Christmas, it just won’t feel like Christmas to me. After dinner the adults would have their mahjong and card games as always and me and my cousins would be playing Wii games, by the way I highly reccomend Raving Rabbids 2 if you haven’t played it yet, it’s great for parties :) It’d always be so noisy with the mahjong tiles, talking and laughing, especially with my aunties, uncles and 14 cousins!

  25. A long walk in the snow with my boyfriend in his family home, returning to a small roast, some mince pies and two mugs of hot chocolate :)

  26. my perfect dream christmas day would be a trip overseas with my family and loved ones with amazing food, lots of pressies, fireworks.


  28. My dream Christmas day would be to spend it together with my boyfriend and his family along with my family in one big place!

  29. My dream christmas day would be eat with my family a big meal. After that, opening gifts ! I would like snow this day !

  30. On a beach in Hawaii with all my nearest and dearest :) Plus instead of Xmas dinner, it’d be their infamous burger and rice wiv gravy…..Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  31. My dream Christmas Day would be when I go out dating with my crush and he finally asked me to be his girlfriend… 😉

  32. Louise Woodman says:

    Sounds cheesy but my dream Christmas is exactly what I’ve got this year! My 10 month old son (after 5 years of fertility treatment!) for his first Xmas day! :-)

  33. A house decorated with lots of red, green, and gold :) A big tree, a burning fireplace, hot chocolate, and the smells of all the wonderful foods being cooked for a wonderful dinner. Lots of people and lots of laugh. a very warm atmosphere. <3

  34. yasmine choudhry says:

    would love a ipad laptop has broken

  35. Cybelle Oliveira says:

    Perfect Christmas day would be with snow, since I live in Brazil the weather here is very hot

  36. Afshan Qayyum says:

    Relaxing at home, with my lil munchkin and husband.

  37. Here i am!!!
    Even is Christmas has just passed, my dream would be just to stay at home with my family and my boyfriend’s family playing at Kinect! :) or, I would really really really love to have a full Christmas holiday in Paris…
    Cross fingers!..and happy new year!!! 😀
    chiara_tomei @ yahoo . it

  38. Snow falling outside, warm and cozy inside, and enjoying hot pot with friends and family :)