6 Day Giveaway, Day 4: Win a YSL Touche Eclat in shade 01

**I will be doing 6 days of Christmas Giveaways from now up to Christmas Eve. Please come back to enter!**

Today I have the classic bestseller YSL Touch Eclat under eye highlighter to give away in Shade 01 (best for light skintones).  Touche eclat

Touche Éclat captures the quintessence of Yves Saint Laurent’s philosophy of complexion: natural radiance. Used by make–up artists and models alike, it captures the light, banishing signs of fatigue and fading out imperfections.

Wanna win?

Answer this question:

What would be your dream Christmas Day?

Me: It would be a house with a huge tree and big fire, lots of kids, lots of presents, tons and tons of tasty food and just lots of fun and laughs and games! On the Wii!

Winners will be chosen in the New Year. The competition is open internationally. No cash alternative will be offered and prizes will not be ‘resent’ in they are ‘lost’.  Proof of postage is always retained. If you do not respond with your address in 2 days another winner will be chosen.

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  1. says

    OMG!! THIS?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! i’ve been wanting one since forever!!!!

    What would be your dream Christmas Day?
    Mine would be a white Christmas. Snowy day at Disneyland / Lotte World or just out there walking on the streets or sipping coffee in a cafe..

  2. Emma Joynes says

    To give my mum the best christmas ever. she’s disabled yet it doesn’t stop her from enjoying life. she’s inspirational and i would just love to treat her!

  3. tousledkitten says

    Staying in my PJs and fluffy dressing gown all day, eating good food, watching good TV and films and snuggling with my honey.

  4. Isabel Barbosa says

    What would be your dream Christmas Day?
    A day spent with all my family is all I can dream for Christmas!

  5. Julie Andrews says

    Thick snow outside and me inside with my husband eating and watching films all cosy on the sofa

  6. zara says

    A lovely Christmas would be if all my lovely family could come over, plenty of nice tasty food but that Santa removes all the calories from it :)

  7. says

    My dream Christmas would be all about family & great food! I’d love to have a Christmas in the future where my daughter has tons more cousins to play with. When I was little, we’d put on little shows for the adults- I can’t wait to see if that “tradition” passes itself on!

  8. liloo says

    My perfect Christmas would be with my boyfriend. Well someone who would actually pose for my boyfriend for the day. We would have lots of telly, nice food (he cooks it) and just dance 3 to burn it all off.

  9. joyce says

    my dream christmas would be being able to experience a white christmas with snow, since i live in a tropical country. There’ll be a roaring fireplace and my family would sit around it drinking hot chocolate and eating mince pies!

  10. Holly Green says

    A super traditional one like in the movies, with a BIG tree, big open fireplace, presents that can actually go under the tree (mine is tiny!), a big dining table filled with family (we don’t have a table!) and festive activities after dinner :)

  11. Maria Mlosiko says

    The dream Chrismas day for me is spending it with my whole family including all my grandparents!!!

  12. Farhana Haque says

    Big warm house with plenty of laughter and activity. Snowing outside. Food inside. Lots of lovely presents to open

  13. liz denial says

    To be with all my family but sadly that won’t happen until March 2012 when my one & only nephew comes home from travelling the world but we aim to have a special belated christmas dinner then

  14. tom Baines says

    My perfect Christmas wiould be to wake up in the arms of my love and end the day the same way, the miles apart seem so far at this time of year

  15. JoC says

    Alien contact is made, they are very friendly and want to invite us over for a drink. They give the world presents of limitless free energy, food, water and a cure for all sickness :)

  16. Zoe says

    my dream christmas day is spending lots of time with my family and close friends and having fun with them and having loving food and lots of it.xxxx

  17. says

    My dream Christmas Day is to have my entire family (extended included) around with no quarrels, tears or shouting (even from the kids) at all, together with my recently departed grandparents.

  18. Lora says

    My dream Christmas Day would be cold and sunny with a blanket of snow fallen overnight. I’d spend it with my family and friends and there would be plenty of laughter (and no arguments – ha!) An open fire would be nice and I’d also want a Christmas dinner that cooks itself, and clears itself up!

  19. Dawn Tinkler says

    Lovely meal with my family and a classic Christmas film in the afternoon (with a glass of vino or two!)

  20. Mariko says

    A white Christmas that doesn’t send the UK tumbling down into a state of chaos, and civilisation stopping for days on end. :)

  21. kohsamui Rosie says

    We’ve spent Christmas Day at my house for the past 20 years so I’d be busy excitedly preparing everything.
    Soon enough, the house would fill with three generations of family and the present exchanging would begin. I wouldn’t have asked for anything but I imagine I’d receive my favourite bubble bath.
    Once everybody had said their thanks and tried out their gifts, we’d settle down to a traditional lunch, which would take a good while to finish amid all our chattering.
    Finally, we’d admit defeat and set about breaking another Christmas trend by neither venturing out into the snow for a bracing walk, nor collapsing in front of the television. We’d simply enjoy each other’s company, uninterrupted, for the next few hours. I know it’s a cliché, but concentrated family time really is what a perfect Christmas is all about.

  22. natalie williams says

    My dream christmas would be me being well and no longer very ill, with all the family together (they are spread out all over the world) and enjoying a good dinner altogether.

  23. Tolmu says

    My family, a big fire, some good red wine or mulled wine, nice presents and falling snow… and nobody bothering on the phone!

  24. Katy M says

    A dream Christmas would be for me to be able to go home to my grandmother’s house for Christmas and for the entire family to be there — cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews! It’s been so long since we were all together in one home and I think seeing my grandma surrounded by everyone who loves her would be so awesome!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  25. Terry says

    Hm.. a white christmas perhaps? but then I thought about it seriously…
    I would love a Christmas with lots of happiness, love and no cancer :) This year has been too tough on my family, we found out about two cancers in the same month. We visited the hospital daily for radio and chemo therapy. It has been super depressing to watch two family members deteriorate slowly as they go thru with the treatments. Thankfully they will all complete their treatment cycle in time to celebrate Christmas. I feel how Christmas will be celebrated this year doesn’t matter as long as there is happiness and love.

  26. Tracy Nixon says

    I always hope for an argument free, illness free, mishap free day with lots of laughter, joy, happiness and lasting memories!

  27. Jo Hunt says

    Christmas with Mum and Dad, Dad normally has to work at Christmas, so having him home over the Holidays would be the best gift. I would add to that a crisp cold day with no television, just lots of new games to play on the Wii, a tin of Roses and Crowded House on the CD player……bliss.

  28. Nicole Smith says

    My dream Christmas would certainly be a white one… with a huge real Christmas tree with lots of presents underneath and somebody else cooking the Christmas dinner whilst I put my feet up and play with all my new goodies whilst watching Christmas movies on TV 😉


  29. Beth Bowdler says

    NO COOKING!!! Going to a beautifully decorated country house hotel with my family and being waited on all day would be my dream. It’s never going to happen though. x

  30. barbara shaw says

    To be openning the door of a luxury hotel room in Australia to drop my bags in and then on to visit family in Oz.

  31. N. says

    What would be your dream Christmas Day?

    A trip to New York. Just me and my mom, and a shopping spree! And then cozy up in a fancy Hotel and eat a nice meal.

  32. Stephanie Cummins says

    honestly it would be the way it has been for the last few years!!!

    Family come round early and we open pressies!! then dinner than onto a party in the evening !!bliss

  33. Olivia Cumberbatch says

    Dinner cooked for all of the family so no one is stuck in the kitchen and happiness and love as always

  34. Jules says

    For all the washing up to magically do itself!!! Even though I do the preparing and cooking the family “inadvertantly” forget that someone has to wash up and since I don’t have a dishwasher it’s ususaaly me who is exhausted and frazzled by 3′ oclock – happy days!!!

  35. dana says

    My dream christmas day would be to have roast turkey dinner with my whole family! (which is unlikely since they all live around the world and can’t afford to travel to this part of the world!) It’ll come true one day!

  36. Sarah Laycock says

    Looking around at the end of the day and knowing that EVERYONE has had the most fantastic day this year xxx