500 Bottles of MitoQ Anti Ageing Moisturiser (rrp. £115) up for keen skincare testers!

I was emailed about a rather good opportunity that I thought I’d share with you all. 

MitoQ is a luxury anti-ageing skin cream from New Zealand – they explain the science behind this produce better than me, so here it is;

The active ingredient, MitoQ, the molecule the company have designed and patented, is proven to be 1,000x more effective than CoQ10 at returning Quinone, the body’s natural anti-oxidant, to the body’s mitochondria – the part of the cell responsible for producing energy and keeping the cell functioning effectively.It has passed stages 1 and 2 of clinical testing and has been been heralded as a breakthrough in the science world. 

It’s application as a skin cream is proven to improve the skin’s natural ability to fight oxidative damage – which basically put, means older, less efficient skin cells producing natural elastics and collagen as it did when the person was much younger. Whilst the claim isn’t to reduce one’s appearance by 20 years, significant improvements have been seen in discolouration, blemishes, natural scar tissue (wrinkles) and an overall lightening and rejuvenating of the skin’s appearance.

MITOQ Bottle Box

Sounds impressive? The price tag at £115 is also pretty steep.  However, as the brand launches in the UK, they want to offer 500 people in the UK the chance to receive a FULL BOTTLE of this cream to trial (a bottle should last 2 months).  

The catch? Not really a catch, but they then want your honest feedback via Twitter and Facebook of what you think of the product (which lets face it, a lot of us do anyway whether we love or hate a product).  

If you are interested…

Get on Facebook to their brand page which is here and like them, or talk to them on their wall.   They will then message you privately for your contact details and send out a bottle. They will also request that you provide feedback on their FB page or via email on how you are getting on from time to time.

If you like sharing your opinions of things like beauty, then I am sure it’s not too much of a problem.

When I get a chance I will try this cream out myself (not yet though as my skin is freaking out!). If anyone else here tries it, do let me know who you get on!

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