5 White Lip Colours you should try!

White, silver, light shimmers – normally used to tone down pigmented lips or as a topping to another colour. I wear these kinds of colours very lightly (they are on a bit thicker for the swatches) but they are bright, fun and plumping!

white lip colours-1.jpg

Stila Vanilla Lip Glaze:

stila vanilla.jpg

This is a very light beige and it smells lovely. It has tiny sparkles in it too.

RMK Gloss Lips 09:

rmk gloss lips.jpg

This is lovely, a white colour with pink iridescent shades running through it, like fish scales.

NYX Mute:

nyx mute.jpg

Mute is a light light white-beige silver which is not so terrifying to wear if you wear it quite sheer.

MUFE Facination Gloss:

make up for ever lip gloss.jpg

This is a clear gloss with tons of white sparkles. Pretty, and easier to wear then you would expect.

Dior Sparkle Shine:

dior sparkle shine.jpg

This is a sheer base mixed with super, super glittery multi coloured sparkles. This is the sparkliest lip gloss I own and I love it as a topper although it is a tad gritty once the gloss element disappears.

There are more lip swatches to come, stay tuned!

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  1. says

    Oh gosh, I hate that gritty feeling… especially when it gets between my teeth. Thanks for the swatches, though!

    • Row says

      Hi Abby

      Yeah I hate that too. Its worth it for the sparkles but still, its not nice!

  2. Blair says

    Mute looks like an interesting colour! My lips are pretty pigmented, do you think it’ll look alright on me?

    • Row says

      Hi Blair

      Hmmm well I can’t say for sure, but my lips are also very rosy in real life. Its not a whack it on colour mind, its a bit too.,,,ghostly, but a gentle light approach – yeah why not! It could be quite retro!

  3. Blair says

    Hello Row!
    I took advantage of the 20% discount offered by Nonpareilboutique and bought Power – purportedly a dupe of MAC’s Lavender Whip. I’ll get Mute the some other time! Thank you for the recommendation!

    • Row says

      Hey Blair

      Yes try out mute! It’s quite inexpensive in the US isn’t it? I’m not sure I always have to order it from eBay and pay a ton in shipping!