5 Weird & Wonderful Lip Glosses for Weekend

It’s not all about your peachy pinks, your pink beige, milky beige, cherry reds and juicy oranges. Glosses come in all kinds of colours!

I had a rummage though my lipgloss draw and found 5 of my most unusual colours. I nicked the style of lip photo from Karen at Make Up & Beauty Blog, it looks good and it means I don’t need to take a separate product and lip swatch image.

1. Lancome Phia Black, reviewed here.

Limited Edition, but still on sale on a lot of counters.

IMG_0978.JPG @ 100% (RGB_8).jpg

I love this gloss! I am not much of a dark lip colour wearer, but its nice worn sheer and on top of pale or dark colours. The sparkle on it is a nice silvery glitter – its much nicer than YSL’s attempt which was a muddy, sparkle-less black.

2. Dior Wildest Green, reviewed here.

Limited Edition, look on eBay.


I was talking about wildest green a few weeks ago and people loved it! I have a few blue glosses too but I find them very sheer – this gloss has enough pigment to push through the green sparkles, whilst turning the lips caramel (green gloss + pigmented lips / neutralising effect = caramel lips!)

3. Dior Sparkle Lip Gloss, reviewed here.

Limited Edition, look on eBay.

IMG_0988.JPG @ 100% (RGB_8)-1.jpg

This is the SPARKLIEST lipgloss I own. Its clear with super duper disco type chunky glitter. On one hand, its annoying because the grains are big and are annoying once the glossy part dries off. But it is SUPER funkay.

4. Illamasqua purple lip gloss, reviewed here.


This can be worn quite sheer, so it doesn’t have to be as obvious as in the pick above. It’s quite an 80s purple, it would work with a lilac eye…it’s nice.

5. Anna Sui Yellow Lipgloss, reviewed here.

A limited edition. Try Ichibankao, eBay or Strawberrynet.

IMG_1009.JPG @ 100% (RGB_8).jpg

I took this photo later hence it looks slightly odd. The Anna Sui gloss is yellow with chunky multi coloured glitter. Once on its very sheer – you can barely see the yellow although the glitter stands out. A really easy to wear kind of summer shade.

How about you? Do you have any weird lip colours you like or wear?

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  1. Citrine says

    Beside the black one…I actually have wacky glosses in all the other categories

    1.Yellow-Lancome Juicy tube in lemon slice , it just smells good..
    2.super sparkly Diorkiss (which also happens to be green)
    3.Green- A butt load
    4.Purple-I have an opaque Anna Sui lip gel…I can’t wear it sheer at all, so it looks scary all the time.
    5.Blue- not so much as wacky…but they do make me look sick anyway…

    MAC sugar sweet has one gloss with a mint green part, I am gonna get it!

    • Row says

      Hey Citrine!

      Dior Gloss and Lancome Juicy Tubes seem to make some amazing fruity lip colours!

      I am adoring green gloss, its my favourite here, that and Phia Black :)

  2. RobbyRaynebow says

    I own the Lancome Piha Black and one thing I’ve found looks amazing is if you apply MAC Russian Red w/o a lip brush and apply a good amount of the gloss it leaves you with absolutley stunning vampy lips. I also own a Blue lancome lipgloss called Icy Pop. It gives a cold effect and tastes fruity.

    • Row says

      Hey RobbyRaynebow

      Ahh I though Phia would be stunning over a red (tried it with the Lancome Red that came in that collection its STUNNING). I actually used it on my eyes for a look I tried out (post coming up on Monday) it was nice on that. Who would have though sparkly black would be so effective :)

  3. RobbyRaynebow says

    Ikk. It looks so dangerous when you show it to people but gorgeous when used correctly. I didn’t know It came in a set until I just saw your post. That red is fabo. But I looked up the set on ebay and someone had it for 75.00, Ouch. Thatnk god it ended or i might of bought it. lmao

    • Row says

      Hey RobbyRaynebow

      It’s not quite a set, but the collection advertised the red lippie along with Phia…boy I dont wear reds often but its Sooooooooooo bootiful. I think in the US it came as a set, in the UK we have to buy it separately ><