5 Uber Nude Lip Glosses you should try

Sorry I’ve been slow lately! Have been working on the swatch gallery, fixing bugs and working on some videos.

I hope you are enjoying the 5 lip colour recommendation series, cos its been fun for me rummaging through my lip stash!

The uber nude lip gloss is the super super pale lip. But because its a gloss its a little more wearable. This kind of lip works well with very colourful eyes or smokey. It gives a plumping kind of effect although I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this kind of uber pale pale beige for super fair ladies.

I have to say, I used to adore the nude lip but as I have got a bit older (a bit, goddammit!) I have found softer colours more flattering. I have very pigmented lips so this kind of nude tones them down a bit, and also tones down harsh colours.

However, this kind of lip can be deadening and make you look corpse like. If the rest of your face is a little red (like mine can be) it can also look quite odd.

Anyway, I digress. Here are my 5 favourite uber nudes.

nude lipglosses .jpg

Bourjois Les Nudes 33:

bourjois les nudes.jpg

The Bourjis Les Nudes range is very pretty, although what I don’t like is how scented it is. Nude 33 is the palest beige, there is also a pretty pink and orange which are good alternatives if this is too light for you. Has quite a heavy silvery shimmer which stays on the lip after the gloss has faded.

Nars Striptease:

nars striptease.jpg

I do love Nars glosses but they are so expensive and have a bit of a plasticy small. Anyway, Striptease is very light and works well for toning down or sheering out very scary lip colours. It doesn’t have shimmer.

Visee BE370:


Visee is a medium thick lipgloss, with a bit of shimmer. This is neither here nor there – nothing spectacular about this gloss, not the texture, not the shade, so its just OK. You can buy this gloss from www.adambeauty.com

Tiffa beige:

tiffa beige.jpg

Quite a liquid, sheer gloss with some sparkles in it. The Japanese seem to love these so called ‘milky’ lip colours – and so do I! Shades with a milky edge have a…erm…milky edge to it. Like imagine someone put a drop of cream into your lip colour and mixed it. However this actual gloss is very sheer and doesn’t really do much for my lips.

Art Deco Color Gloss 27:

art deco gloss.jpg

I like Art Deco a lot although this German brand hasn’t done anything exciting for a while. This gloss is a simple nude, no sparkles. It’s a medium texture and once again, does what it says on the tin, but isn’t that spectacular. Its a warmer tone than Striptease.



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  1. Blair says

    I like the Visee and Tiffa glosses the most on your lips… Nars makes it too pale (sorry!)