5 totally weird lip stick colors to try

I’m away at the moment but I have left you with 5 completely off the wall lip colours to try – a greeny-yellow, and icy blue, a silver, a black and an apple green.

shu uemyra lancome kat von d nyx.jpg

Shu Uemura GR062s lipstick:

shu uemura green.jpg

No idea why I bought this, but I had a thing for green colours lately! This is a beautiful glossy lipstick which looks like a sickly yellow, and leaves a light, greeny gloss on the lips. Green on the lips normally turns into a caramel colour.

Lancome Apply Shibuya:

lancome apple shibuya.jpg

Sheer and glossy, not much of a hint of green but lots of micro sparkles and a nice apple scent.

Next is a glossy black glittery gloss, Gunshine by Kat Von D:

kat von d gunshine black lipgloss.jpg

Turns to quite a nice plum shade, I like this so much more than the YSL black gloss release which was an ugly monstrosity.

Shu Uemura BL041s:

shu uemura blue.jpg

A light icy blue, which can be used for adding a holographic effect. The result is quite shiny but not too OTT.

Now for something totally crazy! NYX Metis is a metallic, robot silver. For everyday? Of course not! But for a bit of fun:

nyx metis.jpg

My lips were so sore by this point, so ignore the redness please :)



Come on! Tell me what your oddest lip colour you own is, otherwise I’m going on strike!

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  1. says

    Ewwww to the silver… weird.
    I remember when I used to wear strange colors of lip gloss…. blue and green were among them.

    • Row says

      Hi Abby

      I still like green and blue glosses. And yeah metis is really weird…hey its called 5 weird lip sticks 😀

  2. Jenni says

    I don’t own any weird lipsticks :( But I think I’m gonna have to get that Kat Von D one – I love it!

  3. Libby says

    Ahh I have to buy metris, that’s really coool!

    I have a really deep purple by urban decay but thats about as weird as I have :(

    • Row says

      Hey Libby

      Purples are a funny one, aren’t they? I don’t know why I accumulate such odd colours sometimes! Metis is pretty different, hey why not! Make up is about expression!

  4. says

    Nothing as weird as these…
    Although in the early 90s dark brown lipsticks were really in and I wore one religiously that would now look pretty mental.
    At the time I thought I looked like Sade. How wrong was I?

    • Row says

      Hi PPP blog

      Yes yes yes! Sade is a stunner, no? I always wore brown lipstick as a teen because I was told this was the “right” thing for my olive tones. Brown shadow, brow lipstick, brown everything even though it looked nasty!

  5. Sally says

    I don’t really own any lipsticks that I think of as “weird”, although that could be because I wear them as ordinary lipsticks. I have a blue metallic one, a black one, a dark green one, one that’s got a clear base, but loaded with sliver glitter, another like that, but with red glitter, I have bright purple, and blood red. I think that that’s it- my ordinary, everyday lip colors.