5 things I like to buy…

…apart from Make Up. I have to say beauty related items are my biggest weakness, but I have some others too!

1. Books

I have a huge, huge weakness for books. I have three bookshelves and they are all collapsing. The thing is I don’t see books as a luxury item – books are a way of living.

I don’t read much fiction anymore, I prefer non-fiction books.



I always buy from Amazon, free shipping and the best deals, and good customer service too.

2. Cameras

I have several cameras, manual SLR, Digital SLRs, four compacts – I am addicted to new technology. Tip for ya ladies – get the best camera you can afford and always handle it in a shop. Always.

For my SLR’s I use Nikon, and I have compacts in nearly every brand but as indulgent and over priced as it is, Sony make beautiful lenses.


I look instore buy buy online, finding the best price.

3. Notebooks

I have a huge, huge, huge weakness for notebooks. The other half verbally abuses me sometimes and makes me promise to not get anymore – but I can’t help it.

My biggest poison is Smythson, which is stupidly expensive and if I am honest, the paper ain’t that great. They say they never leak? Lie! I have 8 Smythson notebooks and my rollerball ALWAYS shows though.


Moleskine is a nice alternative, so is Muji and Paperchase.

4. Handbags

Oh, I have expensive tastes. So I don’t buy handbags that often at all. I love Chanel, Chole, Mulberry, Hermes. I am not so keen of Fendi, Dior or Gucci.

My current bag:


5. Cards

I think it links in with my Asian girl obsession with stationary, but I love having cards and stickers printed.

I used to have business cards for everything from the age of about 12:

Miss Pickle
Extra-Ordinary Detective
Likes Black Jacks

But printing business cards was

a. expensive
b. uncreative and limited – you could only use the same design per 100 cards and if you only wanted say 10, it would cost a bomb
c. most companies printed on crap paper/card

Then I had this awful experience about a year ago with an online company called Goodprint.co.uk. They completely screwed up my order and were completely rude and unhelpful about it all, and I swore then I would never trust another business card printers, and I would write my contact details on a piece of dried fish for contacts in the future.

But then along came Moo!


Love Moo Print. For around £13 with shipping, you can have 50 business cards printed on high quality paper (or recycled – still high quality) or 100 mini cards, about half the size of business cards. They are super super fast with delivery and the best thing is you can choose a different design for every single card. You generally can’t for the back, but there’s nothing to stop you from placing your text on the front instead of the back? Either way its the most flexible and affordable card printing service I know, and its good quality, fast and they have good customer service.

Ooh I’m gushing!

In other news, I fell queasy. Time for a cup of tea, I think.

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  1. Caroline says

    I recieved some Business cards from you with a give away I won. They were really adorable that I stuck one on my board :D.

    • Row says

      Hey Caroline!

      Did you like them! I like the fact they are nice to keep and can be used as bookmarks!

  2. says

    With you on the books and stationery – I have too many of both but I don’t feel guilty buying them either.
    I have 8 massive boxes of books in the garage, 2 floor to ceiling bookshelves absolutely crammed plus teetering piles of them everywhere lol :) My place looks more like a library!
    I prefer fiction though, especially old-school whodunnits. Agatha Christie – my idol :)

    • Row says

      Hey Chica

      I definately grew up as a fiction girl, it could be that I have less concentration these days so find it harder to finish a book. I have books scattered everywhere and I don’t throw them away either!

  3. sue says

    Course’ I did! I kept it with my other cute stationaries but now I’m gonna use it as a bookmark!

  4. Mable says

    *ahem* and you hated me for my flaps?? I hate you for your python paraty!!! *sticks out tongue*

    Chloe selection in Canada truly sucks. *grumble*

    • Row says

      Hi Mable

      Mmmm but a flap is a flap 😀 I am getting my own flap soon but it a big tote cos I got a lot of crap to carry

      There’s more and more luxury brands around me to choose from but the selections are naff!