5 Sparkly Nail Polishes: Mavala Black Diamond Varnish

I’m going through my relatively small nail polish collection and photographing my favourite shades.

This week is Glitters!


I do love Mavala polishes – I don’t care that they’re small, the texture is really nice and I find it easy to get a nice even finish with this polish.

Does black diamond count strictly, as a glitter? I mean it’s not a top coat – as if you could see anything under this punchy black, but it is veryyy glittery.

Sometimes the sparkles look gold, sometimes they look silver.

I don’t like black polish on it’s own AT ALL, it reminds me of one particular goth boy crush I had at college….such an amazing bone structure the boy had, but you got close and all you could see were his pupils, dilated like saucers and he smelt like sawdust and indignation.

But I digress. Black with glitter = Good. Black with nothing else = Goth Boys at College.

What do you think?

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