Sunday Snaps: 4 photographs from from the weekend

Last weekend was still quite sunny (it’s ridiculously grey, windy and rainy where I am right now! God I wish there was some sun seeing as I’ve just bought a load of summer outfits!).

So here’s 4 random photographs from when the sun was still around…

1. Frozen Yoghurt…

…is my bag. I am obsessed with it at the moment, it’s nothing like the stuff I used to have as a kid, which was hard enough to crack someone’s skull with. This stuff is soft and ideal with lots of toppings!


2. Sushi…

…tragically, I seem to take photos of food more than anything else. I love sushi, it’s ideal food when the sun is out because it’s light but filling if you have enough! Sushi is too expensive in the UK, but there’s a place near me where you can get 15 plates for about £10!


3. Bubbles!…

I bought a bubble machine last week to take round to the family home, weirdly enough so had my aunt so we ended up (about 6 of us!) standing in a row having a bubble-off competition.

Remember when your bubble solution ran out and your mum made sum up out of washing up liquid and water? It was never as good as the store bought stuff!

Tip: Blow slow, blow gradually…then you’ll get the most bubbles.


4. Weddings…

…must be my age, because everyone is getting married. I saw this Elie Saab wedding dress in the shop window in London. I never really have much interest in wedding stuff but I do think this dress my dream type of wedding dress. I dislike strapless wedding dresses…think you need perfectly toned arms, shoulders, upper back, boobs to be able to wear them well.

This dress is sort of antique/vintage-y looking and it will keep chi-chi’s under wraps.


Totally random!

Did you do anything nice this/last weekend?

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  1. says

    That ice cream and sushi look goooood.

    Last weekend…uh…can’t remember. Nothing interesting I’m sure. Xp Chores, I think.

  2. baby in a corner says

    really pretty dress! love it! i love sushi too. i don’t know the different names of the different types so i just close my eyes and order! but i love it!