5 red lipsticks you should try

It’s a soft, summery day in England, and I have already been run off my feet. Yesterday, baby Gomez bounce bounce bounced herself off a bed meaning my evening consisted of sitting in A&E with drunks with broken wrists and whiny children.

Today I have been on a bag hut, and ended up in the Mulberry shop making three purchases, for auntie, for mama and for me. God I love handbags. This followed by a Big Mac Meal and a coke that burst on the way back.

Now on to the lips! I already did red glosses, now the lipsticks.

Apparently there is a red for everyone – I’m inclined to agree, but one must search and keep testing to find the right one. There are the blue based ones, that are stronger, deeper tones then orange toned ones and the pinker reds. You also need to consider texture – drier ones may stay in place better but moisturizing lipsticks are kinder to the lips.

Here’s my selection (I didn’t use a lip brush, clearly, because I did about 30 lip swatches this day and boy were my lips sore!)

red lipstick.jpg

Lancome Colour Fever shade 145:

lancome colour fever red lipstick.jpg

A gorgeous, bright, true red with a glossy, soft texture. I really like this lipstick and all aspects of it – the shade, the texture, everything!

Sonia Rykiel AC07:

DSC00559.JPG @ 33.3% (RGB_8).jpg

Sonia Rykiel makes gorgeous lipsticks and I adore their Lash primer and face powders – it’s an underrated brand! This lipstick is slightly darker than Lancome and has a bluer tone. It is still soft textured and easy to wear.

MAC Viva Glam I:

mac viva glam.jpg

For a much darker, dramatic red, VIVA Glam has it! This for me is a vampish shade, and a drier texture than the previous two.

Nars Heatwave:

nars heatwave.jpg

I love Heatwave – its an orange red which makes warm tones like mine look alive. However, Nars semi-matte textures are dry and leave my lips a little chapped. Use with some lip balm!

Paul & Joe Red 03:


Paul & Joe released 3 red lipsticks as part of a limited collection (but you can still get them). 03 is a little dry but works almost like a blotted red stain.


red lipsticks.jpg

What are your favourite red lipsticks?

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  1. Noga says

    Hi, thanks for this article, I like it v.much :)
    I want to ask you about two lipsticks, from Lancome and Sonia.. I con’t found these colors at the net :( I want more info about them, like from where I can buy them online? And the name of the colors, coz I searched the net and didn’t find them :(
    Thanks for your help ,, ^^