5 red lip glosses that you should try

First we did plum, now on to red! Gloss is a great way to wear red, especially if you like it sheer and just want a wash of colour. Some of the glosses here are very pigmented, if you want them to – if you wear it strong, make sure you use some waxy lip liner to keep it on the lips!

Red lipgloss, Nars, Fusion, Chanel, Becca NYX.jpg

Chanel Rouge Allue Laque Gloss in Mandarin:


Love this gloss formula so much, but its tres expensive – £22.50! Hello! For a lip gloss! Mandarin is a orange-red with tiny sparkles.

NYX diamond Gloss in Sparkling Red:

nys sparkling red.jpg

This gloss is not heavy at all, it’s light and shimmery.

Becca Cherry Bomb:


No sparkles in the Becca Gloss – its not as scary as it is in the tube. It is very glossy and should be worn with a little caution.

Lip Fusion in Runway:


Lip Fusion is a lip plumping gloss – and its quite expensive. Runway is a strong, true red and it makes your lips tingle.

Nars Bloodwork:

nars bloodwork.jpg

This is the most distinctive and pigmented of the bunch – this photo was of a thin layer! Neverthessless, it is a super hot, practically neon red, this is not shy and retiring at all. Wear with liner be careful if you are eating etc.



What are your favourite red lip glosses?

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  1. Li says

    I love the Lip Fusion-Runway, really hot. I was wondering, have you ever used blonde Henna, I saw it today in a health food shop and it says it’ll make me blonde but it’ll wash out? In the immortal words of Tim Allen “heruh?” or however the hell you spell it hahaah

  2. Caroline says

    Just wow at the Nars Bloodwork. I don’t think I’m brave enough to pull of red lips. However you do pull it off just awesomely. Is awesomely even a word? o-o

    • Row says

      Hi Blair

      For day to day I wear nudes or peaches. Haven’t got round to wearing red at work, I work with butch men!

  3. libby says

    my favourite red lipgloss is red manhattan by playboy.
    I really hate the company and EVEryTHING it stands for, but they were selling it off in tj hughes, so i bought red manhattan and WOW, a gorgeous red if I ever saw one!