5 Random Objects of Happiness: Day 1 – Moleskine Notebook

Cracking open a new Moleskine, when there are so many things to write is amazing. I love it.

I change the one I buy each time. This time it’s a Moleskine reporter (flips open) in the soft cover version. I like this one – it gives the note book a casual edge, makes me feel like I can scribble anything down in it and the pages aren’t being wasted.


This one is just for To Do’s and Goals.

Does anyone else reserve one notebook for separate tasks and themes?

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  1. says

    I have a collection of notebooks and I have the obsession of reserving one for each thing. For example, my favourite one is the one I have for noting down my ideas for bog posts :)
    I aso have some Moleskine to plan my classes.

    • Row says

      That sounds organised! I have one with my goals and to do, one for writing, one for blog things, then my diary. People must think I’m nuts for carrying so many notebooks around!

  2. Ally_D says

    I too love notebooks and have quite a collection but I just can’t bring myself to use them most of the time! They look so pretty and I don’t like to spoil their crisp white pages…

    • Row says

      Hi Ally

      I am like that too. I have some from Smythson and Mulberry that I haven’t written in to this day. Moleskines I just scribble away!

  3. baby in a corner says

    i love the set of two slightly different shades of pink moleskins that come together. they are pretty small, i just throw one in my bag to jot down different things like lists of shopping etc.

    I also have another one for ideas in books or films that strike me but i keep forgetting to use it.