5 Products that are currently saving my dry skin!

My skin is currently drier than it has every been. I have gone into lock down and am trying to pull it out of the flaky, tender stage as soon as possible so I can actually do something with it!

Here are 5 products that I am using at this moment and are working their magic on the flakies.

1. Elemis Moisture Max Day Cream

Elemis | Maximum Moisture Day Cream 50ml.jpg

This is a fairly lightweight but very hydrating cream that I use. I can’t have anything to greasy on my skin at the moment (especially under make up too) so this is very effective without being too rich.

2. Clinique Super Moisture Make Up

clinique super moisture makeup.jpg

This base is not for everyone – it can look a bit shiny and feel greasy but its for DRY skin. If you skin is normal or oily, choose a different base. On my very dry skin it worked absolute wonders and kept my hydrated all day.

3. Bobbi Balm Tinted Moisturizing Balm

bobbi brown tinted balm.jpg

If its not a Super Moisture Day then I use this – Bobbi Brown’s Tinted Balm. This has a SPF of 25, and comes in various shades (I use Medium/Dark). You use this in place of moisturizer as its rich so its good for lazy days.

4. Skincology Hydrating Treatment Primer

Love Skincology. Its a Taiwanese (I think) brand – they have tons of little sub brands under their umbrella – ella – ella, and the Advanced Hydrating range is my favourite.

This is a liquid primer – reminds me of SKII’s Essence but a lot cheaper of course. Pat it into your skin before a foundation application. Its on sale at ebeautyshop.com – the hardest site on earth to navigate so here’s a link to the product

Skincology Advanced Hydrating Primer treatment essence.jpg

5. Creme De La Mer Lip Balm

Gah – I know this is £36 but I love it – my favourite lip balm, I’ll even over look the fact it comes in a tub.

Cre?me de la Mer lip balm.jpg

What about you? What are your dry skin savers?

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  1. Jo B says

    Clarins 50ml Multi-Active Day Cream Dry Skin when I can afford it but I will be checking out your reccomendations, thanks

  2. kirsten says

    I have random flakies too, and my rescue is a mix of 2 drops of emu or olive oil with hyaluronic acid, topped with any moisturiser from my stash of moisturiserssssss which I switch around all the time. I’m using wildrose moisturising cream by Lavera at the moment.

  3. Lisa says

    I don’t have problems with dry skin on my face, but my lips are about to fall off, and my body is dry, dry, dry! I live in Colorado, and Denver is a high dessert – is the LaMer worth it? I think about spedning 45.00 US on a lip balm and it give me a stomach ache! Also, can you recommend a body moisturizer that works really well. I am so itchy – can’t wear anything but cotton in the winter. All suggestions are greatly appreciated.