5 Orange Lip Glosses to try

There’s nothing I love more than juicy juicy oranges for the lips. It looks great with a tan, especially with a little sparkle.

orange lip gloss.jpg

NYX Round Gloss in Apricot – I like these glosses a lot but they packaging is shiteous. Of the 12 NYX glosses I have HALF of them are damaged (the cap in the tube which stops too much product coming out comes loose). The gloss itself is nice though:

nyx apricot gloss.jpg

Majex by Majolica Majorca makes some pretty lip glosses (although not madly remarkable). This is a nice true orange with lots of shimmer:

majolica majorca gloss rouge majex.jpg

Armani Lip Shimmers are very pretty, and this hot orange reminds me of a flaming grill. It can also be worn sheer so its more of a calypso colour (calypso! What are you talking about woman!):

armani lip shimmer.jpg

I fell out of love with Shu Uemura a while ago. Nothing they have made since the passing of Mr Uemura (RIP) has captured me. My local counter is also rubbish and they are still touting products from last Autumn instead of the new stuff. Nevertheless, this is a shiny, pretty sparkly shade:

shu uemura gloss unlimited.jpg

Nars Sweet Dreams is a gloss I didn’t realise I owned until today! A fairly creamy, rich orange shade which is quite elegant.

Note my pained smile. This is the smile I give the Mother In Law:

nars sweet dreams.jpg

I kid, I kid!

(I’m not kidding)


orange swatches.jpg

My favourite is the Armani Lip Shimmer, its super pretty.

What are your favourite orange colours?

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  1. Row says

    Hey Leena

    Thats what I thought – could it have the wrong sticker on it? Because Sunset Strip is definately the orange ‘donatella!’ one isn’t it but I double checked and the label says Sweet Dreams! Tut!

  2. Row says

    Hey Blair!

    I can’t resist an orange-coral-peachy gloss, its my favourite kind of colour for the lips ! :)

  3. louise says

    Hi row i was just looking over your orange lipgloss and i think your sweet dreams may have gone off as it should be a pink twinkley lipgloss def not orange huni?how long you had it?thats an idea for your site, letting people know how to take care of products in the proper way all the insider tips like keepin nail polish in the fridge and stuff like that and how long you should keep things before they go off. as i know my self been a make up junkie i often keep things longer than i should and have seen some very strange things happen to make up in my time!lol!
    looking forward to seeing you wed night.
    take care luv lou x

    • Row says

      Hey Louise

      Hey I think that might be it cos I checked the shade, it definately says sweet dreams! So there you go, let your nars lip gloss go off and its like having 2 shades!x

  4. melissa says

    is that benny your cat? OH MY GOD HE IS GORGEOUS!!!

    anyway, thanks for these recommendations. i love orange lippies! 😀