5 Lemmings: My Sunday Wishlist 1st August 2010

It’s August girls! Are you like me, wondering how you managed to work the first half of the year away so quickly?

Time passing so quickly has reminded me sharply that I need to reassess my yearly goals so I can be as focused as possible. I recently read The Secret – it’s so cheesy but it’s working it’s magic!

I am also trying to buy less make up – I keep rediscovering make up I already own but haven’t seen for a while, so I have to remind myself that actually – I have tons of dupes!

Anyway, here’s 5 lemmings I have at the moment. Feel free to kill them!

1. Nars Turks & Caicos Multiple


I love the multiples, even though it gives me zits – I knew I wanted these gorgeous sheer multiples but when I swatched them on the counter they seemed so greasy. But I keep seeing gorgeous ladies Muhsine and Holly Yummy Mummy talking about it and so, I still want it *sigh*. Orange, coincidentally, it totally my colour!

2. MAC Face & Body Foundation#alttext#

I have actually bought this foundation before and it’s pretty good but very sheer. But it would be good for my holiday.

I guess it’s comparable to the MUFE Face & Body Foundation but I’ve decided the jelly like texture of MUFE’s really irritates me (yes, I’ve had it spill out all over my fresh bed sheets).

But do I really need a new foundation!? Another one!? GAH!

3. Trish McEvoy Sexy 9 Fragrance


I do like perfumes but I get them as gifts I rarely purchase them for myself. There are two perfumes that I currently have my eye on though, Trish McEvoy’s Sexy 9, which smells quite unique – I haven’t smelt many fragrances like it. It’s vanilla with a fruit edge but not overbearing at all.

I also want Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb which is also quite unique in a pretty bottle!

4. Shiseido Urban Environment SPF 30 Cream


I bought some eye cream from Shiseido recently and the girl insisted I needed their new Urban Environment SPF too (which comes in SPF 30 and SPF 50). I sort of said yes, then she realised she was out of stock…

Just as well because when I got home, I checked the price – £31. Ouch. Plus I have too many sun creams to get through anyway but I can’t help thinking this is the cool kid in the pack, ‘The names Shi. Shiseido. Urban Environment.’

5. Aube Couture Designing Highlight Powder


I have wanted this cool highlighter forever and ever and ever but when I finally got round to buying it (the exchange rate is SO bad) Adam from Adambeauty emailed me to say it was out of stock! D’oh!

So I am back to lusting after it. Maybe it will be mine. Anything that can make me look more awake can only be a good thing.

Ok that’s me. Do you have any lemmings at the moment?

Can you kill any of mine?!

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  1. Naz says

    I can’t kill the lemming for the Nars Tint. I have it and it’s become such a staple in my summer makeup kit. Really easy to use, a gorgeous colour and not greasy at all once on the cheeks! I haven’t tried it on the lips, but I reckon it’s too sheer for my pigmented lips.

    I love it so much that I really am considering buying a backup which is just silly…right?

    • Row says

      Hi Naz

      Nooooooo don’t say that :/ I really want it, i didn’t like it when I swatched it, but I can’t help but feel I am missing out!

  2. says

    The Nars LE mutiple look so pretty…if only it wasn’t for the hefty price tag lol

    I have combination/slightly more on the oilier side skin, do you think MAC Face & Body foundation would work for me? I like lighter foundation/coverage even though I have a lot of scarring but heard that MAC F&B is better for normal-dry skin types :]

    Is shiseido promoting that product outside of asia now? I’d love to try it! >__<;;

    • Row says

      Hi Mandy

      – Yes the SPF is now on sale on counters in the UK
      -F&B is water based so it may be gentler on your skin? thats why I want it! It’s veryyyyyyyy sheer, very glowy and natural. it sort of sets on your skin so I think it’s one of those that can work with all skintypes, dry or oily. If oily, powder it.
      – I still can’t bring myself to buy the Nars. £27!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. baby in a corner says

    did you try shaking your MUFE face and body? (probably you have) it loosens the jelly texture and makes it possible to get a blob out.

    • Row says

      Hi Baby

      I shook it, it was still a bit…yukky.

      I’ll do it again. I paid £30 for it, not throwing it away!

  4. Kirsten T says

    I’ll gladly take your excess foundation, hmm.. I could do that from your blog sale :)

    I have heard good things about MAC face and body and I am lemming it too..
    I’m also lemming Shiseido spf55 sunblock, viva glam gaga, chanel blush in rose bronze and a nail polish thinner from orly.

    • Row says

      Hi Kirsten

      ARGH my lemming list is HUGE. A lot of stuff from MAC – I love to HAUL from MAC but then I never ever use it!

  5. says

    The Multiples look nice, but if they give you zits you should definitely stay away from them!

    Shiseido sunscreen is nice but I think most Japanese sunscreens are pretty nice so there’s no need to shell out 31 pounds for this one!

    The Aube highlight looks lovely, now I want to go check it out.

    • Row says

      Hi Kuri

      I agree some amazing sunscreens are only £5! No need to spend £30

      I’ve ordered the Aube! Can’t wait !x