5 Day Giveaway, Wednesday: Bellapierre On The Go Trio Set

This rather fab invention from Bellapierre Cosmetics (a mineral make up company) has three items – a lip gloss, mascara and eyeliner all in one compact.


Its extremely handy to have!

Want to win it?

Answer This:

If you could only have three items with you on the LOST island (or something) what would they be?


Laptop, Door, Postman….

But seriously (ahem). A notebook, a moisturiser and a pillow.

Leave a comment and you will be entered!


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Winner announced NEXT WEEK!

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  1. Caroline says:

    I’d have to have my doggy Holly, a packet of chocolate digestives and my mascara, just in case!

  2. Catharine Radomski says:

    i,d have to have moisturiser, mascara and jelly beans

  3. Clare Hall says:

    My hunky hubby, Sun tan oil and my dog!

  4. Sheelagh Thompson says:

    My dog, hand cream and lip balm.

  5. Hard to choose…… my dog Meg for company, lip balm because I am addicted to it and a Swiss Army knife for practical reasons!

  6. Alison T says:

    I think I would have to have a swiss army knife,tent and sun cream failing that could I just happen to land on the island with Ray Mears cos he’s brilliant :)

  7. Harriotte says:

    I would want my boyfriend, my laptop and a generator with lots of petrol

  8. My other half and my 2 kiddies – corny I know but theyr much more important than possessions:) x

  9. Sunscreen, a good book, cereal bars

  10. sunscreen, cleanser, and my teddy bear <3

  11. took me a while, but my contacts, eyeliner (i look tired without it) and my hubby :)

  12. Audrey H. says:

    I think I’d like the internet :) bars of soap (lets face it those folks probably starting stinking pretty darn quick) and some sort of weapon to take down polar bears :)

  13. I think I’d have a laptop a lip balm and a phone

  14. CYBELLE says:

    My laptop, shampoo, pillow.

  15. Chantele says:

    it would have to be ……
    duvet,laptop and … shampoo

  16. very simple..chocolatte, some good book and ipod. :):)

  17. Holly Wood says:

    My 3 things I would take to a desert island;

    1. My carpenter boyfriend to build me a house & bed (Might as well have luxury and someone to protect me from the creepy crawlies!)
    2. My laptop so I could skype all my mates & family
    3. My Makeup bag cause I never leave home without it

  18. my lovely man for snuggles, chocolate so keep me nourished and make up bag to stay beautiful. sorted. lol xxxxx

  19. Lip balm (my new favorite is Shiseido UV Lip Cut – possibly a product specific to Asian market outside of Japan)

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