5 Day Giveaway! Day 1: Sienna X – Tan in a Can and Shimmer Spray

Happy new year!

Today you can win a Sienna X Tan in a Can fake tan and Shimmer Spray. I’ve been testing these out (the tan in the can and the gradual tan) and is very very good – a nice brown shade.

Sienna X Spray Tanning Professionals.jpg

How to enter…

Yesterday I talked about the bizarre Egg’s Beauty Magazine that I picked up, and decided overall, it was harmless fun and a way for girls to feel like part of a social group.

Growing up – or even if you are currently ‘growing up’, what was your image?


I was a bit of a grunger/pretend mosher girl. Wore the baggy jeans, dip dyed my hair red (way before Aaliyah did it!) and generally mooched around. I was actually too cheerful to be a true mosher – I don’t drink, I don’t take drugs, I don’t hate the world nor do I want to rage against the ‘system’ and I didn’t want bruises from a mosh pit. Also I have utter disdain at greasy hair, in any shape or form meant I was kicked out of this group and fully accepted my position in the Geek-Chic group, where I still reside. Geek in Chanel. That’s me.


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Good Luck!

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  1. says

    I’m quite like the ‘nerdy girl’. Short hair, round face ‘adorned’ with a pair of half-rimmed spectacles. And always with a book.

  2. *hellokelbell* says

    When I was growing up I was an akward skinny geeky middle of the road sorta girl. I was friends with everyone. I was a shy – ish tomboy with a secret love for all things girly but far to scared to do anything about it. As I got older I became more comfortable with myself and when I went to uni made some great friends. Now I love all my girlie things but this time I wear them and would never dream of leaving the house without a wee bit of mascara on. But I am still a geek at heart I work in Science my nickname from my friends is Dr Barbie as I always have my hair and makeup nice for goin into work.

  3. says

    following you and retweeted.

    hmm I was a loner (and ugly LOL) who wanted to be friends with the top girls of the class, you know, those plastic barbies. It didn’t matter I couldn’t talk to them….it was weird, with no topic we could share, but I tried hard nontheless.
    But thankfully now I’m “grown up” and I don’t even want to be friends with their type…..rather enjoy life with the weirdos like me, who has real value!

  4. says

    I was the tomboy, could always find me up a tree or burning down the street on my skateboard haha. So obviously I didn’t have a clue about make up and how to style my hair. God how have times changed! Thankfully!

    Re-tweeted too chick.

    Twitter name SweetJoJoX


  5. Kelly Manton says

    I didn’t have an image really! I guess if anything I probably went through a bit of a chav stage eeek! I had quite a few gold rings (in fact I had at least one on every finger) and lot’s of chains etc as well! Now I only wear silver and very little of it hehe!


  6. tousledkitten says

    I was a “sexy” goth girl. Leather, PVC, black lipstick, white face powder, lots of black eye-liner and mascara and long, straight black hair. I mostly listened to NIN and Marilyn Manson but before it became “trendy” to do so. A lot of that was due to the fact that I was depressed but I also just don’t slot into stereotypes or labels well. I’m unique and pretty comfortable with that. x

  7. kirsten says

    I think i dont have an image. Tho many of my teachers and people who don’t know me think I’m like an ice queen and that I am a princess. Not true at all, I do joke about being treated like a royal highness (I blame Disney, have you seen the insane clothes Belle and Cinderella wear?) but I’m friendly to my friends, I joke alot and have fun and do crazy not glamourous things that a princess won’t do.

  8. says

    As a freshman in high school, I decided ‘to be cool’ I had to dress like the boys from Kriss Kross! YUP do you remember all the bright colors and backwards trousers?? that was me @ 14 years old. made it worst by wearing really dark eyebrows and dark BURGUNDY lipstick. LOVelY look!

  9. Jill Hayes says

    I was a good kid and got along with both the popular crowd and the not-so popular crowd.

    Following on twitter @jillyrh and tweeted

  10. Heather T says

    I am that girl who likes to blend in. NOT in a “peer pressure” kind of way, I just dn’t care enough to be drastic/creative..

  11. Claire says

    I was the tomboy who also wanted to blend in, it was weird, I’d dress baggy and hang with the boys, because I fit in better with them.
    Wow, thinking back, how I ever evolved to a makeup loving junkie is beyond me.

  12. Emme says

    Hah! I was a total cosmetic girl! I started wearing lip gloss and even a little lippie when I was about 12. I’d always be with a group of little girls, it was like I was the queen! Not really of course, but it sure felt like it.

  13. says

    Lets see, growing up I was a total punk kid. I dyed my hair all sorts of crazy colors (generally streaks), wore lots of dark eyeliner/eyeshadow, had facial piercings, all that. I wasn’t goth, not at all. I hung out with several ‘crowds’ of people though. I still love piercings (although have less now, thank you corporate america thinking its not ok to have your lip pierced.) and I have several tattoos now, but I wear high fashion clothes, tan and collect makeup. I also dig a few drugs in high school which I would never do now. Experimental & stupid I guess.

  14. diskogal says

    Well, I was pretty much a normal girly girl, until for some reason that still remains unknown, I went through a hip hop/baggy clothes phase. I was around 13 at the time, awkward and extremely skinny, so the ensemble was pretty bad. Ugh, thank god it only lasted a few months…I have burnt all pictures of me at the time of course!

  15. maliha rohail says

    sigh.. I was the fat girl with no interest in self grooming.. I had the curliest bob cut hair you could imagine.. The most dreadful of times were when my mom used to take me to the beauty saloon to get a haircut or to thread my upper lip- cz i had a serious mustache at the age of 13 😀 Cried like a baby when the darned beautician waxed my arms..lol.. thank God we all grow up :)