5 Blue Nail Polishes: A Minor Fail

So I was supposed to have a 5th nail picture for you but I realised, too late, that I never took one, I have in fact forgotten how to count.

So instead here’s a picture of a cat with nice nails:


This isn’t actually polish – its a product called Soft Paws, little caps you add to the end of the cats nails so they can’t scratch and destroy everything.

I think it’s a bit weird – like putting falsies on a cat, and you have to glue it on to the natural nail until it falls off – I mean what if the cat doesn’t like it? What if it’s like scratching with gloves on? Ooohh….it doesn’t quite hit the spot, right? (Maybe I am just spoilt with extremely well behaved cats!).

Still, it’s a million times better than declawing…so soft paw away!

Would you adopt a cat just so you can paint it’s nails?!

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