5 Beauty Products on my Wishlist….

1. Clinique Superbalanced Make Up

Meet New Superbalanced Powder Makeup SPF 15 at Clinique today.jpg

I know the concept is not new (Smashbox’s Halo powder is also a shave off product – and Elizabeth Arden’s) but there’s someting about the Clinique one I like the look of. It’s also cheaper than the Halo powder, and comes with a useful brush (Arden’s comes with a sponge).

2. Dior Jazz Club

Dior jazz club palette.jpg

I know, I know, it’s been out for ages but Dior sent me some imagery in the post and since then I have been dying for the smokey variation of the palette.

I love that it has a brow powder, glitter topcoat and gel liner in one palette (as well as shadows!). at £45 it will be a pay day treat!

3. RMK Autumn Mystique

The entire Autumn Mystique range from RMK (consisting of eyeliners, gel liners, LE Palettes, new mascara) has got me panting like an eager doggy – it’s really hit the nail on the head this time round. And check out this upcoming product:

NEWS | RMK.jpg

RMK base products are to die for, so this primer will be a must have for me once it is launched.

4. Cosmetics a la Carte Precious Jewels Stackers

Cosmetics a la carte.jpg

I swatched these when I was in London and thought they were gorgeous – in particular Peacock Green followed by Denim Blue. Actually they are all nice – Champagne Shimmer would make an excellent base product.

At £25 a trio its quite good value!

5. Besame Lipstick in Red Hot Red

Besame Cosmetics - All Natural Lipsticks.jpg

I have already ordered one of these in a neutral pink – if all goes well I want this in red too – the perfect vintage shade in the perfect cute little tube!

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  1. says

    I also am lusting after the Clinique Superbalanced Powder compact! It has SPF 15, a cool shaving/grating device… what more could I want? Well, I do wish it were less than $32.50 but it’s not that bad compared to Smashbox’s Halo powder. Next time I go to the makeup counter, I’ll have to test drive it.

  2. Row says

    Hi Marylin

    If you test it before me, let me know. I cant bring myself to buy any more powders but I really want to try it out! Halo is sooooooooo expensive a bit too much!