Sula Paint & Peel Nail Polish

Sula is a brand that is quite hard to get hold of but they have some super cute and nice products. I already love the Fragrance range – I also tested some Paint & Peel Nail Polish in Dove (grey) and Azure (teal).

Here are the shades you can buy:

Paint & Peel Trend Collection | Sula Beauty.jpg

I want Sorbet and Watermelon! I’d also like the Metallic top coat – these colours are matte so if you want some shimmer, I am guessing their metallic top coat will add sparkle.

More about the polish:

This collection of good-for-you hues is inspired by what’s happening on the street and the runway – colors that are hard to come by but not to remove! Touch ups are a snap with the fast drying formula.

Sula Paint & Peel™ has a “Big 3-Free” formulation that is free from Formaldehyde, Toluene and Phthalates – the smelly stuff, and is also free of the remaining cancer-linked ingredients still found in standard polish.

Note – you just peel this off you don’t need a special remover.


Remember peelable nail polish? I remember being at school and some kids have some awful peelable polish which never did completely come off and looked horrid and messy.


This polish is opaque and matte. It goes on easily and there is ABSOLUTElY NO SMELL. Nada. It reminds me of a really soft paint.


I did 2 coats and it didn’t take long to dry – however the instructions say wait 30 mins for it to dry properly. Then I started taking it off from the edge:


Bit more….yes I know, my nail is gross….


All off! Note there was some stuck stubbonly on the sides and my nail looked a tad dry (I didn’t use a base coat):


This was my 1st attempt and I got it off in three parts:


My next attempt came off in one piece:


So clearly there is a knack to this. THis one came off cleanly. My nail bed looks a little dry:


Polish off very quickly!:


My verdict?

After a tricky start with the thumb, I really liked it! The reasons I don’t wear polish that often is because I hate the smell and I hate the bother of doing four coats (base, 2 layers and top) and waiting for them all to dry (I always smudge it before it dries) and I hate the trouble of removing them.

With Sula Paint & Peels, the 3 problems mentioned above have gone!

The polishes are rich and opaque too – they looked true in colour and were easy to apply.

My 2 minor problems with it was that it made my nail bed look a little dry when it came off – I would use a base coat with it next time and the second thing is that I tend to pick at things a lot and use my hands a lot generally. Thus, the corner of the polish had started to come loose by itself (within a day). A layer of top coat I think, would seal it in giving it more durability.

I would recommend these and the colours are quite nice. It also means you can apply it nearly anywhere without suffocating people – bored at work? Apply some polish at your desk! No one will even realise!

Find a stockist here.

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  1. says

    Nice review. I like! I’ve never heard about peelable nail polish… now I’ll have see if I can get some! Awesome!

    • Row says

      Hey Abby

      It’s pretty cool. When I was younger a few kids had peelable polish but they were crapola. More than anything the Sula doesn’t stink and it’s very gentle on the nail.

  2. MMT says

    OMG! I’ve been wondering whether I should buy Sula polish or not, because I was bummed that they only had 4 colors and wasn’t sure how I felt about trying another non-toxic polish (Suncoat and Honeybee Gardens non-peel water-based polishes weren’t really working out for me), so I was ECSTATIC to see that Sula has more colors, and to see your review. I hate the smell of polish and of remover, so I think I’ll give Sula a try :)

    Also, your/your mom’s GREAT reviews of Garnier Vital Restore Cream and Restore Day Serum really make me want to buy them! I’m only 23 but worried about the first faint wrinkle that’s appearing on my forehead… better to take good care of my skin now, before it’s too late! 😛 Your blog is awesome.

    • Row says

      Hey MMT

      Yes try out Sula and let me know what you think! I’d definately recommend using a base and top coat (even though your don’t have to) to avoid dryness and to make it last longer (I am forever picking things with my fingernails!

      Yes! Prevention is better than cure! I am not very good with sunscreen so I am going to start using that especially on my hands – I don’t take care of them enough because they are in good condition now but you never know! The Garnier is great if you are on a budget – I am reviewing more anti wrinkle stuff soon but Garnier is perhaps one of the more affordable ones! :)

  3. mandypandy says

    Reminds me of polishes they used to market to young girls when I was a child. You just painted them on and peeled them off. I shall have to find a stockist.

    • Row says

      Hey Mandy

      Yes try it out let me know what you think. I did kind of think – this is a kids product but it’s pretty fun to use!

  4. Karen says

    When you say to use a base coat and top coat, do you mean the peelable kind, as well? Because if you use a regular base coat and regular top coat, I don’t see the point of buying peelable paint…

    • Row says

      Hi Karen

      You can buy Sula top coat and base coat, or you can use regular top coat which I did because I didn’t have the sula and it still is peelable.

      Even if you decide to use base coat and top coat with it, the advantages of this is that it is still peelable but that it lasts longer – it also means you need zero nail polish remover (which dries my nails out) and it doesn’t the Sula doesn’t smell at all. Also the Sula will dry completely in 30 mins where as a normal base coat, 2 coats and a top coats takes more like 2 hours to dry completely (which is why my nail polish is ALWAYS smudged because there’s no way I can’t do SOMETHING fiddly in 2 hours!)

  5. says

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  6. says

    Thank U so much for the post, I have bin searching 4 a brand of peel nail polish since 4ever. But I was just wondering how much it costs (per bottle) and where can I buy it from? (I prefer stores instead of websites)