4 week trial: Stemcellin, Vasanti Eye Wonder and Lash Mantra

Whenever I review skincare, I always make sure that I try the product for at least a few weeks before reviewing it. Obviously, I have learnt that brands claim the earth, but only a small percentage deliver.

I am starting a 4 week trial as of tomorrow, of a few products that I have had for a while but haven’t got round to using yet. I am going to stick to using them for four weeks and see if there is real, visible proof that they work.

lash mantra, vasanti, stemcellin.jpg

See before shots!…
The products on trial:

1. Stemcellin Deep Wrinkle Serum and Emulsion.

I actually used the serum for a while and found it to be excellent but now I will use it alongside the emulsion and see if there is a real boost. They say:

This product contains PhytoCellTec™ an extract of cultured apple stem cells which in turn activates the skin’s own stem cells, reversing chronological ageing, reducing wrinkles, dryness, inflammation and other symptoms of premature ageing.

The NIFTY Face Lift, non invasive face lift products.jpg

Not bad right!? I should be looking 10 after 4 weeks (ahem).

2. Vasanti Eye Wonder Eye Cream

Eye Wonder treats wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles – all of which I have in abundance due to my long, late nights. It says to use for 36 days twice a day – we’ll see if this shows a real improvement.

3. Lash Mantra

I have been looking hard for a lash growth solution (aside from Talika) that does not cause the darkening of the iris and surrounding skin around the eye, and Lash Mantra may be it. They say:

LashMantra is a 100% Natural Eyelash Growth Serum which is made with Eighteen 100% Pure Cold Pressed Oils and Vitamin E Oil(Antioxidants and Natural Preservative). LashMantra is free from Artificial Fragrance, Artificial Colorant, Parabens, Synthetic Preservatives and Chemicals, just perfect for your delicate eyes.

Before shots (as of 19th August, 2009)? Hell yeah!

1. Eye area (circles – I only get 4 hours sleep a night!):


2. Eye area, crows feet (I am grinning like an idiot here – I don’t actually have any/much crows feet):


3. Smile wrinkles (the only deep wrinkle I have on my face)


4. Eyelashes pre treatment:


See you in four weeks!

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  1. Fleng says

    Did the stuffs work for you? I have a couple of deep lines underneath my eyes as well and saw you have the same albeit slighlty better than mine . Please reply to my email :)