3 Polls and some Randomossity: Happy Friday, Happy October, Meow!

It’s Friday at last people! What a week I’ve had. I have so many cool posts in mind but I’m just so exhausted I can’t quite muster them up so bear with me…The swatch gallery is taking longer than expected, but I have faith in my computer whizz and I hope to have it up in the next month.  Also, I can’t believe its October and I haven’t won the damn lottery yet.

I am trying to be like a cat…I am trying to be content and lose myself in stroking….

happy cat.jpg

The Polls:

1. Its nearly Halloween! Its not that much of a big deal in the UK for people over the age of 8, but I love it and I wish more was made of it so:

What should inspire my tutorial looks for Halloween?

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2. I can’t believe how many nut cases there are out there, most notably on YouTube and Twitter. I am quite happy hiding out on here,on my mere little blog so:

Shall I Leave Twitter?

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3. I have been so run down and grumpy this week…life, oh life, always getting on top. So tell me:

What is your favourite perk me up?

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Stay tuned, I have 30 days of gaw-juss Illamasqua Nail Swatches, a blogger event to talk about and a lot more opinion pieces.  Yes, that’s what we need more of in the world, my random opinions…probably.

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