3 Illamasqua Powder blushers you need!

No, I don’t work for Illamasqua.

Nevertheless, incase you haven’t noticed, I’ve become very enamoured with the brand.

I have three powder blushes so far and they are GORGEOUS, and practical if I don’t say so myself.


What do we have here? The perfect pink, the perfect peach and the perfect brown.


Woah, chipolata, that’s bright. Reminds you of Nars Taj Mahal? Or MAC Manish Devil? Me too. Excite is completely matte though and can pass as a peach, whereas Taj is very much an orange.

But I must be honest. Would it work for the extremely fair or the redhead-nutty’s? Maybe not. You may need to move for something a little cooler or brownier.

Works perfect though for warm skin tones, for black skins, brown skins, yellow skins, tanned skins – GORGEOUS!

Then we have the pink – this is HUSSY.


I must emphasize that there are tons of shades to choose from on Illamasqua but I just happened to pick this pink. I wanted a true, candy, perfect bubblegum pink. This pink had to be full bodied. It had to be bright so I could apply it with a light hand…and this works.

Hussy reminds me of a perfect pinky apple pink. Once again, this particular pink looks good on wamer skin tones but they do have cooler pinks.

Finally, my favourite of the lot! Mischief.

This works for anything and everything. I use it every day now, without fail. It’s matte so no hideous shimmers all over my face – I use it as a contour (in a figure of 3 on the side of the face) under the chin, the sides of the nose, under the cheek bone as a contour, on the forehead as a bronzer. It’s the perfect shade because its not too dark – no dark streaks.


I believe Illamasqua make a selection of shades of these brown toned contouring powders, so you can get one that’s best for your skin so it is neither too light nor too dark. I am a NC35/0C60/Beige in Chanel.



I am all for blushers with no/minimal shimmer. You can always add the shimmery glow later with a Shimmerbrick, or a highlighting powder.

Next on my list – Illamasqua’s yellow powder blush (for neutralizing red) and a plummy coloured blush!

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  1. says


    I met you yesterday :) Thought I’d come and say hi! I don’t know why I hadn’t looked at your blog/site properly before, it’s great :) Was lovely meeting you!

    And I am so getting me some of these Illamasqua goodies :)

    • Row says

      Hi Rebecca!

      It was great meeting you! Have you played with the Bodyshop stuff yet? I’ve only just been through it all, it’s a bit overwhelming! Ilamasqua is fab, check out the Sirens collection! x