24 Brow Tattoo

I have naturally dark fairly full brows that don’t need penciling in. Feeling left out and wanting some free scissors I purchased K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow 24h Limited Set from Ichibankao:

24 Hours! Free scissors! Cool!

The pen is not refillable or clickable – it looks just like a felt tip and it is very very light:

Subtle right? It comes in 2 shades, 01 Natural Brown (light brown) and 02 Crash Brown (darker). At the moment you get free scissors (did I mention the free scissors) which are made for trimming brows.

Hey, don’t poo poo free sharp small scissors. You can:

  • Trim your brows
  • Trim your nose hair
  • Trim your split ends
  • Trim your er, bikini lines
  • Open packages
  • Trip clumps off your cat

Sharp, handy sized scissors are hard to come by!  But back to the item itself…

Here is my brow with nothing on (above)

Brow with 24 hour tatoo:

I’ve darkened the front part of the brow and added colour and definition to the end.  It’s super duper natural so I really don’t think you can go wrong even though its a felt tip.  It might not be for you if you need a lot of brow filling in and colour – it is LIGHT and SUBTLE.  I prefer it to powder because that can run throughout the day – this one doesn’t.

There are limited shades though – I don’t know how suitable this is for very fair ladies.

Oh, and you get some free scissors. :)

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