Dry Cracked Nips? Nip & Fab’s Lip + Nip Fix Healing Multi Purpose Balm Review

NIP + FAB is a super cute new skincare range from the makers of Rodial (but without the high prices) and I have been trying out various products from their range.

The products are ‘fixes’ – so you have a ‘Cellulite Fix’ or a ‘Dry Leg Fix’ – name your problem and find a solution.

Today I am reviewing the very cute Lip + Nip multi purpose balm.


This is similar to Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream – typically heals any dry spots you might have. It’s great for lips and nipples – the ingredient is; Lanolin. That’s it!

They say:

Designed to feed and protect the skin from the outside, this rich, soothing, healing balm is perfect for use on the lips, delicate nipples and is a welcome relief on areas of dry, damaged skin.

I love the packaging and design by they way; it’s simple but retro, just my kind of thing.


This doesn’t have a noticeable scent and is a very thick, yellowish balm.

It does remind me of Lanolips but with less of a smell. Lanolips though, does come in tinted versions with SPF 15. Just another option.

Anyway here is what Lip + Nip looks like:


I like this! It’s like a compact 8 hour cream that’s easy to carry around and use – pretty effective and I liked it on my peeling skin (tut – from the overexposure in the sun!). Like it!

You can buy this at Harvey Nichols.

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  1. says

    I’d love to get some of this.How is it taste wise?And for how long do you think a tube might last?Thanks for reviewing :)