Super nude lips! Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Sugar Glamorous Lip Nude Lipgloss Review

I really love Kiss Me products at the moment, and especially their Heavy Rotation range!

A lot of Japanese brands err on the side of sparkly and sheer, but Heavy Rotation is full on NUDE LIPS and SMOKEY EYES! BAM!

I already own some of their brow concealer, lip concealers and lip glosses, but I noticed this new sheerer formula on eBay:


I love nude lips, I really do but I’ve started to find the whole look a little harsh and draining. The last thing you want to do it look like Chloe Mafia with a tan face and day glo lips – urgh.

So it’s a fineeeee balance….


So this lip gloss is sheer, with sparkly bit in it…
I really like this kind of applicator, it’s so easy to apply when the brush is built in and you an squeeze all the product out:


Hmmm. What an odd colour; it’s not very nude pink, more of a warm pink-peach with sparkles. I LOVE the other Kiss Me Nude glosses – they are quite opaque and rich, I guess nude and sheer ends up looking a little dull.


On the lips, it’s pretty enough but yawn-tastic.

I’d use it as a top coat over something else, but I wouldn’t necessarily leap for it in the morning…it’s just kind of nothingy. Perhaps if I used a lip concealer underneath then this gloss, the result would be more ‘nude’ – but it clearly looks nothing like on the packaging.


Meh. Love everything from the Heavy Rotation range, but this is just average.

An average gloss to start the week! What is wrong with me!

What do you think?

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  1. says

    It is very shinny, but not very nude. Do you know of any lip products that work for lightening up your lips? Like that nude shade used with smokey eyes?